vintage omnia'c pop-out platform clog skates

perhaps you remember this post from over a year ago? the one where i ogle over the coolest pop-out skates ever. whether you do or not i'm here to report that i did indeed find a pair of Omnia'c clog skates and i did indeed purchase them for a mere $20! ever since that post i have kept an eye out for a pair. over the months i found several that were either too big/small and all of them were $200+, a price much too high for my budget. several months ago i decided to check out ebay and low and behold these were up for auction. they were half a size too big so i decided i wouldn't bid more than $20, thinking that for sure someone else would outbid me. obviously you can see i won!
they are not ideal for walking around in but they work just fine for skating! i nearly killed myself skating in the house for this picture :) i'm looking forward to some more practice and possibly a skinned knee or two. and if you're lucky MAYBE a video ;) who doesn't enjoy watching someone eat it? i know i do!

i found a few for sale if anyone is interested here, here, and here

♥ anne


  1. ha ha! yay! i'm so stoked you finally got those skates! and for $20 no less. YES. and please please please post a vid of you trying not to bite it.

  2. This made my day! Rollerskating is so terrifying to me. Skating, I love, but skating on pavement? Try not to eat it and post a video pls.

  3. Those are flippin fabulous Anne, and suddenly I've got Leo Sayer in my brain on repeat.

  4. Yes awesome! I wish it was possible to rollerskate on carpet. I would so zoom around my office that way.

    Also, are those overalls you're wearing? I've been SCOURING for a pair!

  5. Amazing! And such a great shot! You are such a beauty! :)

  6. Roller Girl from Boogie Nights has nothing on you. You go girl!


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