Picture Perfect vs Real Life

Last week when I was snapping a photo of the raw brownies I had made I got a good laugh at the photo vs real life. Often times we can make a moment seem much different than the reality and I thought this was a perfect example.
Real life can be messy, cluttered and as far from perfect as you can get and I'm excited to show that side a little more around here.

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With such nice weather, we've been outside a lot lately. Last Sunday we went to visit my sister with my mom and on our way we stopped by the Poppy Reserve. There weren't too many poppies yet but it was still very beautiful.
We've also been exploring near home much more and have been discovering all sorts of cool places.
A while back Mary posted about owl pellets which I found very fascinating. We have lots of owls in the area so I figured it might be somewhat easy to find some. After walking around the base of several trees hunched over, I managed to find a couple. I know some might find it kind of gross but I was so excited! I was hoping to get a whole skull but ended up with random bones and what looked to be like a section of a jaw bone. I think the kids will find this interesting and can't wait to find more.
And here's a cute picture of Maggie. I don't want you to leave here grossed out :)
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Inspiration Dress

I thrifted this pretty floral dress last year when I was pregnant with Margaret. Originally I was going to sell it because it looked like it would be too small for me but I decided to compare it to some of my other dresses with a similar cut. I was pleased to see that it should fit when I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Ten months postpartum and I'm still very far away from my previous weight. Considering this is my 5th time loosing baby weight I'm well aware of the fact that it doesn't come off easily for me. I've learned to remain calm about it and accept where I am but I'm ready to shed the extra pounds. Currently I can't wear 80% of my wardrobe and I refuse to buy new clothes when I have all my favorites hanging in the closet. I decided to hang my dress in my room as extra motivation.
Lent has officially begun and since it's a penitential time of year I plan on getting serious about about my health. Change in diet and lifestyle is never easy but I'm ready for the challenge. I am going raw again until Easter (you can read about my history with raw food here) and am pretty excited about it. This way of eating (plus exercise) is the only way I've successfully lost and kept weight off plus I feel much more balanced mentally. Hopefully in couple months my inspiration dress and all my other clothes will fit again.

For some yummy raw recipes check out some old posts here.

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Say what?

I've been obsessed with lyrics ever since I was a kid. I remember always getting super excited when I'd get a new album, tape or cd and the lyrics would be on the inside. Often times they weren't included so I'd sit there and listen, pause, write and repeat until I had the whole song written down. I was never a great student and my dad used to get very irritated and say, "If you know all the words to every song how come you can't memorize your ____?" (times tables, spelling words, etc...). I never had an answer but I guarantee if my school day would have revolved around music, I probably would have done much better. 
That being said, I haven't always gotten the words quite right. Sometimes when you assume you know what is being said you never consider that you might have it wrong. Sometimes you go from being a kid to an adult and still have it wrong. And sometimes when you're in your 30's and finally realize what's actually being said you have a big laugh!
Today I'd like to share some of my "scuse me while I kiss this guy" moments. I'll start with my earliest mistakes-

Song- Bette Davis Eyes
Artist- Kim Carnes

Real lyric- She got Bette Davis eyes
mistaken lyric- She got potato eyes

Hahaha! This song came out in 1981, which means I was 3. That totally explains why I got this one wrong because it doesn't sound like "potato eyes" at all and since I didn't know who Bette Davis was it kinda makes sense. right? And yes, I realize I was 3 but I do in fact remember this. My husband always jokes that I remember my birth :)
Song- Fly Like An Eagle
Artist- Steve Miller Band

Real lyric- Shoe the children with no shoes on their feet
Mistaken lyric- Shoot the children with no shoes on their feet

I'm really embarrassed to admit that it was only a couple years ago that I figured this one out. I always wondered why you'd want to shoot kids because they didn't have shoes on. haha Wow!  I feel really stupid right now! Oh but I'm about to feel even more silly after you read the next one!

Song- Sleigh Ride

Real lyric-  Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling, "YOO HOO !"
Mistaken lyric- Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling you Who.

Yep, until last year I always wondered why you'd call someone "Who". It's so ridiculous that my husband didn't believe me this morning when I told him that's what I thought it said.

Song- She Caught The Katy
Artist- Taj Mahal

Real lyric- She caught the katy
Mistaken lyric- She complicated

Ruben and I recently argued over this one and I lost big time! I was SO sure it did not say "She caught the Katy". Listen to it and tell me what you think.

Song- Latest Flame
Artist- Elvis

Real lyric- And Marie's the name of his latest flame
mistaken lyric- And the reasoning of his latest fling

It never made sense. Now I know why!

Ok, Ive embarrassed myself enough! Here's a recent song that I knew couldn't being saying what it sounded like it was saying.

Song- Blank Space
Artist- Taylor Swift

Real lyric- Got a long list of ex-lovers
Mistaken lyric- Starbucks lovers

My daughter likes Taylor Swift so when this song came out I heard it a couple times a day. I knew there was no way she was saying "Starbucks lovers" but it totally sounded like it. I asked Alex what the lyrics were and she said everyone at school also thought she said "Starbucks". Then I thought maybe she was saying "star crossed lovers". That would make sense. Nope. A quick web search revealed the true lyrics!

Alright, now it's your turn to share your "wrapped up like a douche" moments! If you were ever going to leave a comment here, this would be the time! 

♥ anne
Got a long list of ex-lovers


DIY Natural Deodorant

For the last 6 six years or so I've been using baking soda for deodorant. It works for me but I wanted to try something new that was less messy and easier to apply. I found a recipe that sounded good and made it yesterday morning.
The consistency is similar to very thick lotion. I was concerned that it would stay moist and not dry once I applied it but that was not the case.
I know it's not that pleasing to eye but it actually worked very well! Yesterday was a long day and if the deodorant was going to fail me it would have yesterday. The recipe I used can be found here. I used about 8 drops lavender oil and 1 drop eucalyptus / tea tree oil blend. It smells nice and overall I am very pleased with the results.

Do you have any favorite natural recipes you use?

♥ anne


childhood photos

I found a bunch of old photos the other day while cleaning out the garage. So here's a little trip down memory lane-
My 4th birthday (obviously) with a Strawberry Shortcake cake. My sister had the same theme for her 5th birthday just a month an half later. So we are both 4 years old here.

My mom made this for my sister's 1st or 2nd birthday. I think it's adorable!
I posted this one on Instagram the other day. It's of me, my sister and our great Grandma painting patio furniture.
Riding bikes in the backyard.
I remember this day at the beach. I thought these glasses were awesome. Still do :)
With our Dad camping. Take note of the rad Coors coozies to the right.
I wish my kids had one of these to play on! Now a days you'd probably have to wear a stupid helmet to go on one. Anyway, I remember having a lot of fun this baby!

As you can see my sister and I were always together. Even through high school we had the same group of friends and always went out together on the weekends. Looking at these makes me miss her.

♥ anne