pop out sandal skates

how RAD are these?!! and how have i never seen them before yesterday???
are they easy to walk in? would i eat it every time i wore them?
all these questions will be answered when i find a pair in a size 8.


top pair for sale here.


  1. hahaha... I just want em cause they're cool leather clogs, let alone SKATES! You gotta find a pair. We'll be 9 feet tall! :)

  2. Hah, they're like the original version of the rolly sneakers all the kids were wearing for a while. I remember being in a Walmart and watching a father pulling his son as the kid rolled along on his shoes behind him XD These are so awesome for being leather clog sandals though.

  3. Those are INSANE. Please, please do get them and report back to us.

  4. Seriously? So rad indeed ;P
    I would die in them of course - but so cool nonetheless ;)

  5. oh wow! these remind me of the "brand new key" song, although there is no need for a key. regardless, they are still cool!

  6. I couldnt wear these but love em all the same!
    Happy 2012 to you and your beautiful family :)

  7. So rad. And I would so wear them. Hope your holidays were lovely Anne and Happy New Year to you and the fam!

  8. was just browsing etsy and there they were:


    i would like to start skating again, too, and can't seem to stop myself from bringing home vintage roller skates from my thrifting travels. my favorites are the traditional boot style in sparkly gold glitter finish--but i can't get the nerve to try them out! there's a good resolution for 2012: try rollerskating again!

  9. How can i get a pair had them??? when I was a young girl i had two every since then I haven't been able to find them ... if anyone knows please contact me!!! syungjai@gmail.com Thank you!

  10. I saw such sandal skates in Italy (made by Omnia in false wood-like plastic) 35 years ago. Little girls craved for them since they also liked to wear and walk on such thick soles. The skates I see here are real wood! Now in 2012-2013 the "flatform" sandal sees a return, so this shape gains a renewed appeal.
    About skating on those things... it's a mess. Too high, thin wheelbase, no ankle support, very slow. You cannot push very much because your foot easily twists sideways, with risk of sprain.


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