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i have been crocheting up storm! i'm making cowls for all my family and friends this christmas. hopefully everyone likes cowls...if not, they're gettin' one anyway ;D heheh i'm funny! they are easy and fun to make. i've been trying out some new stitches and designs. i'm interested to see which is the most popular because i've been considering trying to sell them on etsy. you can check out the one i made for missa here(and the package i sent her for the bioregional swap here). i think she looks quite gorgeous in it, if i do say so myself!
moving on to the knitting portion of this post- last weekend i went to my friend maia's baby shower(check out her kids clothes line here) and her friend, who hosted the party, had the best baby shower gift idea ever!
she had a basket of knitting needles that had a couple rows started and had people pick out a color and start knitting. six people took a color home to finish and then she is going to attach all the pieces together and make a baby blanket. isn't that fun! i took the orange yarn and have been slowly working on it. i can't wait to see it finished!

it was so cool to see everyone working away. a couple ladies were new to knitting, so not only did they get to enjoy a super fun baby shower, they also learned to knit!
if i ever host a baby shower, i'm totally stealing this idea.
happy st. lucia feast day!



  1. You are right Anne, that IS a cool idea! i have a friend due in April....I'm thinking that I can make up tiny little felt animal craft kits for attendees to put together and gift for when bubs is born.

  2. That is a really great idea for a baby shower. Although personally I really like the idea of a bunch of ladies sitting around knitting together. Mmmm cozy. Personally I would love a hand-knit cowl for Christmas so I'm certain your relatives will all love yours!

  3. Happy Santa Lucia Day! I love the idea of knitting a baby blanky together as a baby shower/circle activity. What a precious blanky it will be. You're so crafty girl, you inspire me so.

  4. Anne, I've got to tell you that people LOVE the cowl you sent me. LOVE IT. I get compliments about how beautiful and gorgeous it is every single time I wear it out. They always ask if I made it myself and I tell them: "no, my friend Anne made it." So, hurry up and get them on Etsy so I can start saying: "no, my friend Anne made it, and here's where you can get one of your very own." :D

    It's keeping me super cozy too now that the cold weather has truly arrived! Thank you again!

    p.s. The knitted baby blanket idea is so wonderful.

  5. Awesome craftin! That baby blanket idea sounded very cool too- I was wondering how the newbies felt about knitting, but sounds like they picked it up pretty quickly :D I'm crocheting a chain stitch right now to wrap up an Etsy package... craft on lady! Happy Wednesday!


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