photos taken (at max's request) this morning while listening to the lord of the rings soundtrack. if you enjoy those movies, you may get a kick out of this (ok. try to make it past the first minute. i might be alone on this one, but if anyone else thinks it's funny let me know) and this. i found both quite hilarious, but i'm a dork.
happy sunday!

♥ anne


  1. bahahahaha, Anne, it didn't tickle my hilarity bone, but did rouse a smile....but that's okay. my sense of humour may not be refined enough. Also, i just want to point out the beauty that's my country, come over one day!

  2. Haha, thanks for sharing. You've reminded me its been a good long while since I've sat and watched all the LotR films... methinks my X-mas holiday will involve a sit-and-watch of all three now.

  3. What a total cutie! Your family is too cute!

  4. Silly boy! :D I see your Christmas tree poking out from around the corner too- I decorated mine finally. My mom gave me the cutest mushroom ornaments from ikea! Tests are done, time to hang out.... you got a sitter for Saturday, yes? ;)

  5. Ha! What a cute little character you've got yourself there :D

  6. i LOVE these pictures and i'm so happy for you AND him that you did. i have pictures of myself as a kid, all infused with the spirit of "Tales of the Golden Monkey" (remember that? anyone?) and i have this fiery flash in my eyes that is dorky, endearing and sweet.

    speaking of dorky, the longer that vid went on, the more i laughed. i love stuff like that. and, you have seen THIS haven't you? xoxo


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