COVER ME // This Wheel's On Fire

today's cover is This Wheel's On Fire written by bob dylan and rick danko of the band. i'm sure many people/bands have covered this song but i chose to post siouxsie's version because it was the first version i ever heard. it was always one of my favorite songs by her so when i realized years later that it was written by the above geniuses it made perfect sense why i liked it so much. although it's the same song they are SO different and i love both.

siouxsie and the banshees also cover a couple beatles songs, dear prudence and helter skelter. and even if you don't care for her version you can't deny how rad she is. any thoughts??? please share :)

♥ anne


  1. be still my highschool goth heart! anne! i had no idea you were a siouxsie fan. "the passenger", her iggy cover, is what made me swoon for her. by the way, did you ever get into the album her band mates did with robert smith..."the glove"? still love that. she was (and i admit, still is) an icon for me. off to listen to the band!

    1. mary, you didn't know about my hollywood gothic days? seems we have still more in common :) i love the passenger too. the glove...that sounds very familiar. gotta go listen to it and see if it rings a bell.

  2. I will always be partial to the bob version. it highlighted most of my high school summers, so I can't see it any other way.


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