violet moon

our friends, dale and maia, had their baby last week! well, maia did ;D a beautiful baby girl named violet moon (she was born on a full moon on the 8th, the same birthday as these two lovely ladies!). i'm glad to report that mama and baby are happy and healthy.

remember the blanket that i was working on? there it is above! 7 stripes by 7 of maia's friend's and family. my strip is second from the bottom. it is super thick and cozy and turned out so awesome! i'll say it again, i think this the coolest baby gift ever!

happy saturday!


  1. Another Aquarian sister enters the world-what a little beauty. I have to say this has been a truly wonderous, blessed month, full of magic, life and connections.
    Many happy full moons to this little Water Dragon (apparently a very powerful sign in Chinese horoscope;) and her parents. What a lucky babe to be surrounded by such love.

  2. That is the best idea for a baby gift! I wish I'd thought of it for my own and I'm now brainstorming as to who else knows how to knit to do this for my cousin. Such a sweet little baby girl.

  3. Sweet Baby girl!!! Those photos are amazing and yes the knitted blanket is such a cool idea :D Did you get your plant hanger last night? I know things got a lil wonky toward the end ;) FUN times

  4. She, is gorgeous. What a sweet baby. And that blanket is so pretty, certainly the best shower gift I've heard of and something she can keep forever to remind her of who welcomed her birth.

    I guess the plant hanger is still in my car? I'll keep it safe & send it with Mike to practice this week, along with the cute skirt that didn't fit my waist.
    Had LOTS of fun last night, and a little headache today to prove it :/

    Till next time!

  5. SO CUTE! she must be the one you mentioned who was born with hypnobirthing? well it's no wonder, she looks like such a perfect, precious and PEACEFUL little one. Her little bundle in the first pic looks just like a crescent moon of pure baby goodness :)

    love that gorgeous earthy cooperative blankie too. mmmmmmm babies.

  6. She is beautiful! Congratulations to your friends. And the baby blanket is awesome. I love the idea of 7 different people working on it. What a community of love that little girl is already a part of!

  7. Oh I love what they named her, how wonderful. And that blanket is great, made with love from many hands!

  8. Aw, born on my birthday :) Such a beautiful little moon face she has, her name is perfect.

    I love how the blanket turned out too, such a lovely mix of earthy muted colors!

  9. Hi Anne- I LOVE this sweet blanket idea! I'm planning my sister in law's baby shower and would like to do this. Can I ask the measurement of the blanket? (approximate is fine) And is it just straight knitting? Were the needles a size 10 or so? Sorry for all the questions! :)


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