a visit with my sis

last sunday we went to visit my sister. it was a beautiful snow dusted day. a nice change in weather for sure! i took all the kiddies with me this time. they have grown quite a lot since she saw them last year. it's a bit of a sacrifice for me to take them because i don't get to talk to her much, but it's just as important for the kids to see her and have a relationship with her as it is for me, so it's well worth it.
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she works in the gift shop, so we always meet her there to see what's new and buy jams, honey and biscotti. this isn't a great picture (sorry jen. but you'll never see it anyway ;D), but it shows her at work and not behind the grill.
shane doesn't last long sitting indoors talking, so thankfully there are a lot of animals to go see.
thank you goats for your tasty cheese!

he was quite taken with this big, fluffy kitty!
my mom came home with a new kitten, maggie and...
we came home with yummy, fresh cheese made by the sisters!
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it was the perfect way to begin this Lenten season. going to see her always makes me reflect on my life and inspires me to try and be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend i can be. it's easy to get side tracked with the everyday worries, duties and distractions and loose sight of what really matters to you in this life, so any reminder is warmly received by me.
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  1. what a beautiful sunlit day to visit your sister, perfect for reminding of all the really good stuff in life. shane with that gorgeous cat is killing me...so good! it's bigger than him! maggie is a little doll too. and that cheese looks amazing, how wonderful to know that the sisters' sweet hands worked on this goodness. i love the idea of handmade cheese so much and it is kind of hard to come by around here. glad you had such a wonderful visit.

  2. wow, how great is that! what a beautiful place- and that cheese looks amazing. glad you got a chance to visit. you are making me miss my own sister... though a visit with her would be definitely less wholesome, but just as much fun!

  3. Gorgeous post! I was so happy to see Jen out from behind the bars :D Looks like perfect day- cool and bright. That kitty was sure nice to let Shaners go holding it rag doll style. hahaha. And ooooh, I love me some nun cheese- the sisters do make the best! All the best to your sister and to you on this lent season :D xx

  4. I haven't seen any Sisters since i was at school, so this was a nice reminder of them. Your own sister looks to have gentleness about her. Oh, and dying for some of that cheese!

  5. Wow, so sweet. You're so right about the importance of your kids getting to develop a relationship with her, especially because she is so removed from your everyday lives. Had she met Marianne before? How exciting to get to come home with a bounty of handmade cheese!

  6. I don't quite know why, but your posts about your sister always kind of make me tear up a little. In a good way. The convent seems like it's a place of beauty and purpose, and of course I'm smitten with the goats, too. Thank you for sharing these moments. They are good reminders of what's important in this secondhand way as well.

    Much love and good thoughts to you and your whole family.

  7. Hi there cup full of sunshine! Its Ginela, I've been away for quite sometime and I feel bad because I haven't commented in so long, but I al really happy for you, seems like your family is growing more and more beautiful every day! I love how you say snow dusted day in the first paragraph hhaaha. I might use that! Glad to see you got to spend time with your sister and get one of those great reminders of what matters the most to one. YAY peace and love and happiness for everyone! I wish my mom and her sister got a long like you guys do :). Cheers, peace and love!
    I will try to be more active on here now, good luck!

  8. I always love love hearing about your sister, she seems like such a strong, amazing, loving person full of light and goodness. Like you :) That looks like a beautiful place... and that cheese looks so tasty. Made with love, it is!

  9. Aw, I love your last paragraph. Beautiful day, beautiful place, beautiful family and sentiments :)

    Mmmm, cheese...

  10. Glad you got to see your sister again, Anne x


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