surprise surprise!!!

looky who i spent the day with on saturday!!!!
from left- myself and marianne, nicky -the stitchy life, milla- the girl who married a bear, amber- violet folklore, heather - moonshine junkyard and missa- thrift candy

last friday myself, nicky and our husbands headed up north for missa's super surprise filled 40th birthday. missa had surprises coming at her left and right all weekend! nicky and i showing up at her door was just one of the many. i can't really put into words how wonderful it was to spend time with such kindred spirits. unfortunately i didn't really get that many pictures but here ya go-

last year milla sent me this beautiful dress that numerous island gals had worn while pregnant. i loved the fact that so many had worn it before me and was filled with anticipation wondering who would wear it next. when heather announced that she was pregnant, i knew where the dress HAD to go, into the hands of this radiant lady!
(photo by amber)
i can't wait to see her in it!

after spending a little time at missa's we headed off to do what we do best... we went thrifting!
it was sooo surreal to be with everyone in person! i enjoyed every minute of it!
i remember when i first came across amber's natural mothering blog years ago. i was so intrigued by her. but then she was gone or rather not blogging there anymore. it wasn't until quite some time later that i realized violet folklore was her blog. i really wish i could have spent more time talking to her...but there is always next time. and there WILL be a next time :D
there were lots of awesome shops filled to brim with things i'd like to have, but skirt chaser vintage took the cake by far!

we were all quite happy sifting through all the racks of awesomeness.
we chatted about blogging and how hard it is to explain to people the connections you can make through the internet. we spoke of how interesting it is that our personalities come through pretty clearly and basically just the strangeness of the whole thing.
after our thrifting, amber and heather had to head back home :(

we went back to missa's for some more conversation and a beer. i wish i had gotten pictures of us sitting on her adorable porch. i could have sat there talking for hours but we had to get going. missa had the biggest surprise of all just hours away, her surprise party!
we stopped that afternoon in petaluma for some dinner and drinks. what a cute little town!
we spent the rest of the night at the party. and what a party it was! there was a rack of vintage clothes for the taking and nicky suggested we dress up for some fun, goofy photos.

missa's husband, lucas, deserves a husband of the year award. not only did he organize and plan everything, but he kept it all a secret as well! nice job! there were such amazing details everywhere- pictures of missa when she was little, cool candles, awesome music and so much more!
beautiful girls were there too!
missa even rode the huge red rabbit! i told her she rode just like sissy in urban cowboy :D hahaha it was awesome!
there was dancing and laughing and milla was kind enough to sit and talk to me for quite some time while fed marianne and she slept. it was just a perfect night that i wished would never end. but it did :(

the next day we headed back home. we stopped off in san fransisco for a quick photo op and for erick to get the oysters he'd been craving all weekend.
an unforgettable time!
happy birthday missa!
i miss you girls already! and can't wait to spend lots more time together in the future.

(amber's photo)
and speaking of spending time together, i hope to meet all my bloggy friends in person. because friends you are, even if we haven't met face to face.

make sure to read heather's post here and amber's post here. and i'm sure it won't be long for the rest of these lovely ladies to be chiming in with their own account of the weekend.



  1. How neat! What a pretty bunch of gals! Missa's bday looks like so much fun.

  2. I was wondering if you would post first! :D I've got many of the same shots, but will do a repeat, cause why not?? I had such a blast traveling with you fellas and beebee! She was such a trooper- I miss seeing that lil' toothy smile in the morning :D What a "lovely" time! hahah xo

  3. ahhh, sweet perfection! what a trip. what a whirlwind. i truly wish i could live it all again :) i had a great time at darin's show but i was thinking about you guys all night and how much that party had to be rocking! cannot WAIT till our next chance to hang out. each one of you ladies is so special and sweet and ... just plain LOVELY! hee hee. it is so fun getting all the different perspectives. can't wait to see what missa posts :) much love to you and thank you SO MUCH for the gifts. i have already worn the leggings twice.

  4. I love the photo of you getting a kiss on the cheek, so cute, and what a lovely place!

  5. Wow! What a fun bunch of stylish ladies you all are! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures- it's nice to know that kindred spirits find each other!

    I'm off to read some more!

  6. Wow, it looks just as magical as I imagined! And, how beautiful are all these blogger lady folk!? You guys are the cutest bunch in these pictures, I swear. Love the fact that you did a group thrift hunt as well as the fact that you passed on the pregnancy gown to Heather (who looks fantastic!) Looks like a perfect weekend filled with kindred connections and festive celebrations. Happy birthday Missa!!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it in person!

  7. She rode into her forties on a huge red rabbit, haha! That is the image of the night I think :)

    So much fun! The silly photo of us in the hats is perfect. I'm so happy you and Nicky made it up and were able to be at the party. I wish you girls lived closer so there could be lots more group thrift outings and front porch chillin' :)

    Thanks so much for making the drive and helping make my birthday experience such a special one, it meant a lot to have you there!

    Loved meeting the husbands too, they're both awesome. Not to mention, little Marianne, I am quite smitten with her! I don't think babies get much sweeter, you are a lucky mama for sure, Anne :)

    Much love m'dear!

    p.s. Thanks Jessica! Next time you need to be there too!!!

  8. Hey Anne, I love the photo of you and your husband and the Missa candle...heehee. What a magical time you all had, i've been faithfully reading all of your accounts and what stands out is the intense feelings of friendship you all have. Maybe I'll get to meet you too, me and my fams are coming over for three and a bit weeks in June/July - we'll be in SoCal for a week or so, and then travelling North. Happy times!

  9. Oh my goodness, meeting you and Nicky was definitely one of the highpoints of this trip and no matter what ya'll say about Southern Cali, it just makes me want head down there as soon as humanly possible. Why is California so vast and complicated?!!?!?

    Talking with you in person it surprised me by how much you online voice sounds like your real voice and it makes my soul glad to once again reaffirm that there can be such a connection forged this way.

    I hope for many more happy meetings wiht you beauties and lots more time to sit and talk and take a million more pictures.

    Much love to you and Ruben and Marianne. Do thank him again for taking that long road trip and give little party babe a big kiss from me.

  10. Oh Anne, I totally feel the same way! You and I hardly had a moment to really talk! That afternoon went by in a flash. I feel confident that we'll be able to get together again before too long though.

    I can't believe what a killer job Lucas did with the party. And you all were troopers, staying up so late! I'm sure it was easy to do though.

    I'm glad you & Nicky and the men (and the bebe) all got to have a little getaway together. It was just so soul satisfying to meet you guys.

    Until next time!

  11. I love this. There is so much joy in this post. Thank you for sharing!


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