love it

there is something so special about taking a drive and listening to music. it can be during the day, night, winter or summer. i don't care, i just love it!

you know what else? i don't even have a cd player or iPod. i drive old school :D. i rely purely on my good old f.m. radio stations. you may have pity on me now, but don't. thankfully the good dj's over at
100.3 the sound provide me, and all listeners, with so many amazing songs, full album sides and vinyl tracks that your heart can actually be content! one of my favorite nights on the station is sunday night for my turn and your turn. it's two hours of hand picked music. my turn is usually a celebrity of some sort or a musician and your turn is a listener. that's right! a listener gets to dj for an hour. yes, i will be submitting playlists until i get chosen.
here's to long drives and amazing music!



  1. Glad you were enjoying the drive home, especially since you guys were sitting in traffic!!! 100.3 rules! I love when they play the bit more obscure stuff, that DJ's normally dismiss.
    Fun hangin' yesterday- superbowl is always good for the snackin'

  2. My car radio doesn't work and there is a Dirty Dancing tapedeck jammed in stuck, that has started to play backwards. I bought my car 3 years ago with that same tape jammed in there. I sing my heart out - i wish i had a radio though.

  3. One of the things I miss most about having a car is being able to just drive around and listen to good tunes. It's the best on a warm summer day with the windows down though, preferably surrounded by fields and forests when everything smells lush, green and alive. *dreams*

  4. i love it too! the best thing about the radio is what i call "FM synchronicity". it's how, when i am feeling dialed in to life, or even just in the midst of a personal process, the very first song on the radio when i turn it on, always seems to speak to the moment perfectly...lyrics that i never noticed before pop out. i am always amazed, and also amused. i'm glad you posted about something so simple, but so wonderful.

  5. i know what you mean! i love listening to the radio when i'm in the car -- there's just something special about it. listening to the radio at home feels weird, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. i agree! driving alone with music on was always like therapy for me! Since I moved to a new city, I no longer have a car, and its something I miss very much. It just isn't the same walking or taking the subway with headphones on.

  7. Love this post, Anne! Im too disorganised to do anything but radio in the car these days ..and seems that since becoming a mum I'm going back to Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Neil Young..that kind of radio ..takin' it easy when
    driving :)


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