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Tintype I took of Marianne at the beach.

Have you watched Master of None on Netflix? I really liked it and the song choices for the show are always awesome. One of the last episodes had my favorite Cure song at the end. You can listen to it here. I hadn't heard it forever and have been singing it in my head ever since.

I've been listening to books online while busy at home. Right now I'm listening to Emma which I've somehow never read. I've always been curious, if you listen to a book does that count as reading it? Haha! Please share your opinion.

Lent began yesterday and I always greet it with equal parts joy and dread. Friday's are vegetarian days and I'm looking for some good recipes. If you can suggest something or a good veggie website I'd be very grateful.

Qwixx is our new favorite board game. It's fun, fast and if you like games I guarantee you'll love it!

I want to visit some sand dunes this year. I'm thinking the dunes in Death Valley would be a good place to go. I've always wanted to go to Death Valley so I'd be killing two birds with one stone on that trip! P.s. I'd never kill a bird. I need to find a different way to say that :)

The day David Bowie died I made this tintype titled Ode To Blackstar. Have you listened to his farewell album? Or watched the videos? If you have you'll understand.

Have you seen these fan photos of John Lennon? I'm not huge John Lennon lover but I found these to be pretty cool.

Look how neat this window bird house is!

If you've come across any fun things lately feel free to share them in the comments!

♥ anne


  1. she's a little mermaid - these tintype portraits are so beautiful! i've really enjoyed what you've been showing :)
    here's my pintest board that is completely vegetarian - plenty of ideas for Friday!

    1. Thank you! And double thank you for the link!

    2. Wait, I already follow you! I'll check it out!

    3. Ooh, I'm gonna follow that too! I was gonna say My New Roots, but you probably already know about it.

  2. Audiobooks definitely count! For sure :) Our favorite veg recipe is a simple savory dal served over rice, something like this: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-spiced-lentils-baked-egg-14389 except even more simple...

  3. ANNE! Thank you lovely for your beautiful Christmas card. I love it. Too many wines and I am feeling loved up right now, but still, wine or not, your card is gorgeous. And you better believe I'm plotting all the time to come back to Cali. xo Teeny

  4. Here is my Pinterest as well; https://www.pinterest.com/trailslost/
    I also love 101 Cookbooks, My New Roots, The First Mess, and Gena Hamshaw on Food52

  5. Loving the tintypes, and I totally think that listening to a book counts as reading it. I grew up on books on tape, because my mom had to work, and still have vivid memories of some of those books. I don't really listen to them much now, but maybe I should, might perk up my dwindling reading time.


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