Bird Crazy

If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been seeing a lot of great birds lately. Maybe you find birds boring, so if that's the case just scroll on by! Actually, I think people are sick of my bird posts because every time I post about one I loose followers. Come to think of it, I loose followers with every picture. It's all a mystery to me but since I'm not trying to gain some huge following I'm not really bothered by it. If people want to see aspirational, perfect life, s l o w living, envy inducing, heart bursting photos then I'm not the person to follow anyway. Haha! There are plenty of those accounts to choose from. Ok, back to the birds. Here are the new friends I've made over the last two weeks-
Spotted Towhee
Spotted Towhee
A woodpecker, not sure what kind.
great egret
two Great Egrets
This cute fella
Several Hawks
Great Horned Owl!!!

We've been outside A LOT because Maggie is much easier to handle outdoors and I started hiking on the weekends with my three youngest. It's been really fun so far. Shane and Marianne have great attitudes once we finally start walking and are able to go further than I would have guessed. Here are few pictures from our recent walks.

I've decided just now that I'll post about each of our hikes individually. So I guess I'll save the rest of the pictures for those posts :)

Happy Monday to you all!

♥ anne


  1. Well, your bird photos ARE heart bursting! So keep em coming :-)
    **the egret and owl**....wow!

  2. These are so rad! Those people are dummies. You are the one of the most inspirational beer-guzzling, healthy food-making, bird photographers I follow!!! I love it! And I'm curious, and may have asked already what lens do you capture your birds with. Neither of my lenses is wildlife ready and the next one I get i'd like a cheap, but efficient bird and deer catcher. (My main sense is great for bugs tho ;')
    Keep 'em coming!!!

    1. haha! Thank you my friend!

      I'll have to look at my lens and get back to you. I'd like a bigger one but the one I have will have to do for now :)

    2. ok, this is the lens I have. I'm sure there's a better one though.
      Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS II Telephoto Zoom Lens

  3. This was the greatest :) And a big congratulations on these fantastic bird sightings! What a thrill...

  4. I love your bird series! And these images are top notch! You are getting better and better, and I love "following" along. By the way, that picture of Marianne looking up at her dad made me say, "ahh!"

  5. Always love your posts Anne. Including the bird series! I like your mission to learn more about the flora/fauna in your area. Inspires me to do the same.

    Marianne in that shot looks adorable! Well, all your children seem lovely.
    Looking forward to the next post!

  6. I think your bird photos are fantastic! Thank you!!!

  7. You know I'm way into these. The sweet spotted towhee just makes my heart burst. The girls and I absolutely love watching the birds in our yard. But egrets, now that's a treat! The college that I now work for is on a wetlands preserve (built with very careful agreements and architecture that is supposed to enhance the landscape) and I spot many beautiful birds when I go down there. But here on our little country campus, it is mostly frogs singing. :) Those are nice too. Anyway, I look forward to all your posts about the hikes. I love every detail about getting outdoors with little ones!

  8. dude, i've long since given up on trying to figure out the strange why and wherefores of IG followers. i lose 'em everytime i post pictures of my kid. but don't you dare stop posting bird photos. they are part of my nutritive internet intake, plus its important to have bird nerd allies. you can be all birds, all the time, i'd be happy. oh, that woodpecker is a downy. they always seem disheveled to me, little sweeties. also, is it just me, or is there is some weird resemblance between that squirrel and marianne?


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