childhood photos

I found a bunch of old photos the other day while cleaning out the garage. So here's a little trip down memory lane-
My 4th birthday (obviously) with a Strawberry Shortcake cake. My sister had the same theme for her 5th birthday just a month an half later. So we are both 4 years old here.

My mom made this for my sister's 1st or 2nd birthday. I think it's adorable!
I posted this one on Instagram the other day. It's of me, my sister and our great Grandma painting patio furniture.
Riding bikes in the backyard.
I remember this day at the beach. I thought these glasses were awesome. Still do :)
With our Dad camping. Take note of the rad Coors coozies to the right.
I wish my kids had one of these to play on! Now a days you'd probably have to wear a stupid helmet to go on one. Anyway, I remember having a lot of fun this baby!

As you can see my sister and I were always together. Even through high school we had the same group of friends and always went out together on the weekends. Looking at these makes me miss her.

♥ anne


  1. That fifth pic! It's uuum you!!! Looks like a mini you, you could be rocking that same outfit today <3 The second pic you look just like I remember baby Marianne <3

  2. Does she live far away? Tell me she isnt too far! So sweet.

  3. Marianne looks sooo much like you, Margaret too. You and your sister are just precious together, I love each of these pictures and I can tell your momma did such a great job: that dog/cake thing she made is the coolest! Beats anything you see on Pinterest these days by leagues, it looks creative and original, has a personal edge that nothing quite matches anymore. I didn't realize you and your sister were so close in age! Amazing, to be the same age for a couple months. I can just imagine what that was like for your folks! I have often wondered if it's a little bittersweet for you that your sister is a nun. I mean, obviously you are so proud of her, and support her one hundred percent. But I've wondered if you miss her, how often you get to see her and if you and she ever talk about what life would have been like if she'd gone the secular route. I am so interested in sisters and their journeys, both together and apart, through life, and how you keep coming back to each other. I have a bunch of photos that i want to post of my sister and I as little ones that mirror photos I've now taken of Lucy and Polly. Anyway, thank you for this sweet 70s/80s slice of American childhood. I love that era in so many ways, not the least of which is obvious: the CLOTHES!!! One last thing: I've always wondered what ever happened to teeter totters. I loved them so much and I want my girls to have one just like the one you guys had!

  4. I love these pictures, in all their 80sness, and especially because it's totally reminiscent of my own childhood (mine was a My Little Pony cake, and a look of unbridled glee!).

  5. We have a teeter totter just like that! Came from a catalog and is awesome for one, two, or three kids at a time. They can basically rock themselves, which is so therapeutic. And obviously thrilling when there are multiple kids.

    And sharing the same age as your sister for six weeks is so cool!

  6. Gosh, I just keep seeing your kids when i look at these. You babes sure were smiley beautiful littles. x I remember those teeter totters - we've always called them see-saws and i remember how HIGH up one end would go when someone got over-excited (the bigger kid always) and then it was like "hold it! waaaaaaah" teeny

  7. really good images, thanks for sharing

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