This post needs lots of exclamations points!!!! because we finally have shelves! Most of our books have been in boxes in the garage for many years because we've had nowhere to put them but not anymore!
Now they have a beautiful new home thanks to $40 and my husband. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result and this new addition to our home was just what I needed to inspire me to get the rest of the house in order.
And now that we have the space, I won't feel guilty about bringing more books into the house.
I know there are a couple more boxes in the garage so I'll be adding more books to the shelves in the next few days but this is how it looks as of now.
Why didn't we do this years ago?

One of my goals for the new year is to read more and I think I'm going to be way more successful than last year. I started Sweet Thursday the other night so I'm off to a good start! What books are you reading?

♥ anne


  1. These look fantastic. Your bookshelf styling is on point.
    I just finished Under the Shadow of the Banyan Tree about the Cambodian War and it was heartbreaking and very beautiful. I haven't ever read Sweet Thursday, but I just told my husband last night that I want to reread East of Eden, so maybe you'll inspire me to go on a Hemingway kick.

  2. Hello bookshelves! Rachel is right, your bookshelves look very cool and awesome! Our bookshelves are mess that i'm actually just now sorting too! No room on them for anything but books though. We are such book whores, I mean hoarders around here ;) Jealous <3

  3. Those are some sweet shelves! I like the rustic wood with the white brackets. We got a couple of new book cases recently, and it was so nice to get some of my books on them, however, I still have several boxes of books in my mud room. Really though, books and plants make a house a home, so you can never have too many. They are good for the soul!

    I have a few books going right now..I switch up what I'm reading depending on my mood.

    "A Letter of Mary", Laurie R. King: Second in a good series about a girl who apprentices under Sherlock Holmes. I've read this one before, it's good.

    "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith: Sense and Sensibility and Sea monsters was good, so I had to read this one

    "Gossip from the Forest", Sara Maitland: A book on how forests and their mystery are one of the sources for fairy tales; very good.

    "IQ84", Haruki Murakami: He is a writer that makes me think. I loved his Norwegian Wood, so I am excited to be reading through this one.

    "Jephte's Daughter", Naomi Ragen: The story of a Hasidic girl who grew up in LA, but moved to Jerusalem to marry; full of culture and traditions. Very thought provoking. I've read this one before, and I will read it again. It is good.

  4. Oh yeah, I meant to come back with my recommendations for books: as you know War and Peace is taking up a lot of my space right now, but I'm also reading The Corrections, I just finished Salinger which was great, I'm also reading Kate Atkinson's Life After Life, she's an old favorite of mine and I'm excited to see if she finally wrote a novel that matches her short stories, I also Finished David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks which was awesome and disappointing at the same time and The Colorless Tsukuru Tzasaki which was well…meh. I'm really looking forward to reading Don't Trust This Particular Flavor by William Gibson after I get through Tolstoy. Or maybe Tolstoy will be an ongoing project and I'll read other books on the side… Congrats again on the bookshelves.


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