Tennessee Aquarium

The week before last we had the pleasure of traveling to Tennessee and Georgia for a family wedding. We had a day to spend in Chattanooga before the festivities began and Ruben's sister was very sweet and got us tickets to visit the Aquarium. The kids were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed all the exhibits. They were most interested in seeing the penguins who turned out to be quite curious about the people looking at them. They made eye contact and as you can see in the picture below, they would float for a minute while checking you out.
My favorite was the butterfly exhibit.
The jellyfish were incredible. I could have probably stood there staring at them for an hour.
We saw lots of other exhibits but because of low lighting I didn't take too many pictures. The river life fish were crazy. The sturgeon and catfish get gigantic! I was once again left in awe at the many creatures that inhabit this planet. Each one so unique and complex. 

The rest of our trip was great. I especially enjoyed all the trees which I will show you in my next post :)

♥ anne


  1. Wow, girl. The jellyfish are magical. I used to love to hang out at the London Aquarium on free days, even as it made me little sad. Recently we got to go to the Seattle one with a kid and you could see her mind expanding.

  2. I second that on the jellyfish, what elegant dreamy creatures. Also I love that first photo! Wishing there were an aquarium near me now.


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