San Juan Capistrano

Earlier this week my mom took the two youngest and I down to San Juan Capistrano for the day. It was so nice to get out for an afternoon and explore the adorable Los Rios District. It's a historic district filled with old homes, small restaurants and shops. We ate at a delicious restaurant called The Ramos House Cafe which I would highly recommend if you are in the area, it was super yummy! We also visited the petting zoo where a small miracle occurred... my Marianne rode a horse! For some reason she is afraid of every animal and bird. The only animal she was ever comfortable with was our cat, Noel who sadly went missing several months ago. When we were in Yosemite she called the ducks and ducklings, "meanie ducks" which is what she now calls anyone who she feels is being mean to her :) Anyway, My Mom and I were in complete shock when she insisted on riding the horse. She had fun and so did we!
How cute is this house for lease?! It can be yours for a mere $3600 a month!
Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?

Thank you Ma for a wonderful day!

♥ anne


  1. what a rad place! and a perfect little getaway with the mama. i've never been there. i love the look of that wooden cart with all the terra cotta pots and plants. you fit right in there you gorgeous classic earthy mama :)

    so glad marianne got to ride a horse! she seems very confident up there. i bet she will overcome her fear, what if she becomes a horse girl (you know what i mean!)

  2. um, that can't be your baby. that's a full grown child. i reject this information. also, her hair is like corn silk! what a beauty!

  3. Looks like a Passion flower! I enjoy your blog :). And congrats on baby number five! -Kate

  4. Awesome trip! Look at lil big M riding that horse. Man she's big. I second Brigit!

  5. I love those kinds of mum times....when our mums still take care of us, and are also fellow women and friends. We all hope for that with our own daughters right. Beautiful family you have there girl. xo

  6. What a great place you found! I love your style, too. Such an inspiration!

  7. I love that place! Mike and I use to visit there when we were first dating. Love the Swallows Inn and that mexican resturant by the mission. Such a strange little place - those dirt roads and antique store / houses. We went there once when it was dark and drizzly and it totally (for some reason) reminded me of a tom waits song. I always remember that.

    Happy Marianne is accepting horses. Who knows, maybe next time she'll have a hug or jack :)

  8. What a fun little jaunt! I haven't really spent anytime in San Juan Capistrano. The Los Rios district looks so lovely. Your little Marianne is so amusing. I'm glad she decided to give the horsie a chance.


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