old photos

we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday on friday and while i was over helping get ready i came across some old family photos. if you're anything like me you never tire of seeing moments captured years ago.
top left-my dad // top right-my dad, my grandpa and my uncle // bottom-a neighbor friend and my dad

my grammy (on right) and her friends from her minnesota days. i like that she's drinking a beer in this photo :)

my dad racing and his first bus, i believe.

me and my sister // my dad and uncle // my grandpa

♥ anne

♥ an♥ anne


  1. I love looking at these! What a special treat! Your dad was such a cute kid, I see so much of you in him!

  2. wow, i can see you in your grandpa! what a trip. these photos are so lovely and especially the one of your granny and her friends drinking beer in minnesota. sets me to dreaming.

  3. I love old photos too, thanks for sharing bub. I love considering how we preserved that one split moment when the photo was taken. Do you get photos printed these days? Most of ours are on a hard-drive or disc....just wondering how many of us actually remember to keep a tactile photo in album type memory these days as opposed to digital.

  4. sweet! look how cool your grandmother was! I always love looking at my family's photo albums too.

  5. so cool. I especially love the one of your grandmother and her buddies. too cute.


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