crescent bay

last week we spent a day at crescent bay in laguna beach. the morning was quite overcast (hello june gloom) so we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. this is the same beach nicky and i met teeny and family at about a year ago. it really is a gorgeous spot and the tide pools make it especially fun for the little ones. we saw star fish, dolphins, pelicans and much more! and the sun did come out which was nice.
so summer has almost officially begun here. just a few more days of school and we will be free for a while. i'm looking forward to slow mornings, hopefully another camping trip, yosemite and more beach days. do you have any fun plans for the summer? 

♥ anne


  1. Bittersweet and so dear to me. You look lovely. These images are amazing. I'll be there in spirit with you.

  2. Oh, your photos do make me miss the beach! This summer we head to Colorado to visit family and every other year we head to the coast (we're in North Carolina). Road trip! We're counting down the days...

  3. I meant to comment here when you posted this! Of course I remember this beach!!!! I believe I had to ask you ladies what kind of birds the pelicans were....you know, I still find it amazing that pelicans exist outside of zoos. (well not really, but I'd never seen them wild until we were at the beach with you). I am adoring these posts of you and the kids out and about, exploring, picnic-ing. Mia has lost two of her baby teeth, and more than ever i am starting to mourn my babies as they grow up into big people. I will live vicariously through your posts mkay! xo


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