good morning america how are you

say hello to my new little friend, mr. ukulele. boy, am i having fun with this baby! my daughter and i have been singing songs together! i'm no emmylou but i'm not letting that stop me :) plus alex has a great voice and sings in the choir and at church so she has no fear which has helped me not be afraid. and it's not like i'm planning to start singing publicly (this is purely for my own enjoyment) but i would like to play music and sing with ruben without being nervous. or perhaps around a campfire with friends or something. anyway, i'm very excited and am glad to have a new little hobby. here's the first song i've learned. i love it! arlo guthrie played it when we saw him last month and i've been singing it in my head since.
these pictures are from tuesday when shane, marianne and i had a picnic at the park. there were carnival rides across the street that were sitting in an open lot, so we walked over and took some pictures. i also caught a little toad (see here) which totally lifted my spirits.
it's friday and i have a fun weekend ahead. a school carnival this afternoon which has THE BEST rummage sale ever! i can't wait. then a family pool/bbq day on saturday AND on sunday we're going to visit my sister, yay! do you have any fun plans?

♥ anne


  1. Mr. ukulele looks like a fun time! I wish I was more instrumentally inclined. I tried with guitar, but was not very good. I love your braided suede hat!

    This weekend, I'm also going to hang out with family, and then have a garage sale on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. my sister in law amy plays the ukulele, it is so awesome! i bet you are so adorable playing and singing with the kids, and i LOVE that song.

    your babes are true beauties. what a rad carnival ride discovery.

    i am so glad to be back! my computer was out of commission for a while. your post is lifting my heart the way the froggy did for you :)

  3. Just do it Anne, sing out loud! Your picnic photos always look like perfection; I'm glad you get to spend that kind of slow time with your kids. We've just banned ours from being indoors for the next couple of hours - it's been that kind of morning! I love your photo of the bebes peering through the fence, wind in their hair and all. Do they get along well now that M is growing up? xx

  4. Fun! I've been playing around with the ukelele too. It's so sweet and easy to sing along with - I love how playing music can bring everyone together like that, too.

  5. Anne, you might be interested in this: http://www.musiccenter.org/ukulealong

  6. yay ukulele! i have one too, that i began playing for the very same reasons you state...then i got out of the habit and i'm afraid its been a couple of years now. so, as usual anne, inspiration and all that...;) i agree with teeny, sing out loud! next time we see each other, we can be not-emmylous together.

    i love the carnival pics too...i thought of ray bradbury, and the melancholy that abandoned theme parks have, but in that nice bittersweet way. and that pic of your boy...he's your native son indeed. xoxo

  7. yes! I've been dabbling at playing something different, but I do have a baritone uke that hubby got me, I mean for himself and as mary states above it might just have to come off the wall after this post. I love the idea of playing together with your partner. We've had a couple of drum circles, but other than that, this might just be the thing!


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