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-lyrics from indian summer by the doors

i love that song. i love the doors. and jim of course. actually i have been on a huge doors kick for the last several months. i have a picture on my pinterest of the above lyrics from jim morrison's grave site and i'd been wanting to write/paint it out in some way to give to ruben. so, this morning i water colored them in black on a large piece of water color paper. very simple but i like it. 
i recently re-purchased an american prayer on itunes. i remember hearing that album for the first in high school. it was one of those moments (musically speaking) that you never forget. i especially remember being blown away when i heard peace frog. that song is still one of my favorites by them. and since i'm talking about music i can't fail to mention a new (and shockingly current) favorite band, the deep dark woods. milla suggested them in this post and i am so thankful she did! i rarely like current music so hearing them and actually REALLY LIKING them was huge! i was listening to them while i painted this morning. and as milla recommended them to us all, i now do too :D and hey, if you live near san francisco they will be playing there in november!

i wanted to also say a very big thank you to each and every one of you for the sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. they honestly helped me feel better reading them. and just so you know, i had a very quiet, relaxing night last night and did exactly what i said i was going to do :D thankfully the fog is lifting and i am looking forward to a nice weekend.   

now tell me what your current favorite songs, bands or lyrics are. i'd love to know!



  1. Sometimes I just want to decorate my walls with quotes and lyrics. They always give me a good feeling and cheer me up! I love how neat and clear the letters turned out. I could never do that.

  2. Yes, could you be referring to being struck in Ray's VW bus listening to Jim say "Awake, shake dreams from your hair my pretty child my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of the day, the days divinity..." At least I remember that moment. Music hasn't moved me like that in a long time. Last night Luke and I were speaking about this, so we laid in bed listening to some smoky French jazz playlist trying to rejuve our ears...Miss u Annie, love reading your posts.

    1. That is the EXACT moment! Of course I left a few details out ;) the doors still continue to move me but that night I will never forget.

      Miss you too cheetah!!!!

  3. Oh so glad to hear that Anne.
    And I loved the Doors too, back in the ancient days of school dances and me in my big old boots, leggings and some tailed tie dyed shirt and me eye liner as thick as could be: ) The doors was my moment to express myself and dance like wild fire about my fellow students. and further confirm their suspicions that I truly was not of their kind. hehehehe so funny to remember these moments, and touching too, to remember my courage to be me. I would love to have a listen again, its seems like eons.
    Milla's post was a treasure trove indeed of new tunes.

    Right now I am listening to SlOW DANCING SOCIETY, and also loving TAKEN BY TREES

    xx E

  4. This is awesome!!! Cool "font" too :D

  5. whoa! the deep dark woods are playing on my spotify as i write this comment!! music connects and inspires and lifts and lightens, doesn't it?

  6. I'm so so happy you like Deep Dark Woods. I love it when you post about music, you seem so dang enthralled with it. Also, hoping for some more glimpses into your tickets stub collection?!!

    All of my favorite lyrics lately (this year) seem to be from the Bowerbirds:

    But you know I'm not an activist,
    not in the purest sense
    I'm not a pacifist
    I know which rules to bend
    I just reveal my name
    and show my love
    out in the hallows

    -Brave World-

    I also currently love the whole lyrics of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes "Man On Fire"

    Oh and you should sell lyric paintings on your etsy!

  7. Peace Frog is a really crazy good song. I used to be a little obsessed with The Doors. They were my second favorite band ever. However, I started to get such strange feelings as I got older and listened to them .. . it made me feel depressed when I'd listen to them. The Soft Parade was always my favorite album though.

  8. The Doors very much take me back to high school. The scent of incense burning in the bedroom my sister and I shared, that wavering blue glow from the light of my lava lamp. Hehe.

    I think Milla's idea of selling lyric paintings on etsy is a good one!


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