are you here for an affair?

 fall style inspiration for me equals one movie, the graduate. it always has and i know i have posted about it every year so why break tradition? here goes yet another katherine ross / the graduate post.
this movie never gets old to me. from the music to the wardrobe and make up, the hair, the cinematography... it's all perfect. after watching it again last night, i was pining for some skinny jeans, loose pullover sweaters, boots, a raincoat, oversized barrettes, big hair and false eyelashes. i have the false lashes and the boots but what i really want is a jacket like the one in the horrible movie still i took above. so, if i suddenly start trying to morph into elaine robinson, you'll know why ;D

who is your autumn muse?


  1. I always thought my mom looked a little like her in that time period. This movie. . I haven't seen it in so very long.

  2. Anne I think there is a likeness to you sweetie. I also love this film x

  3. I re-watched it on netflix, such a good movie, I'd forgotten! Also, yes 60's collegiate style hits the perfect notes for Fall. White skinny jeans! I agree with the others there is definitely a likeness and I'd love to see an Anne as Elaine outfit post!


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