king of the castle

my big man shane will be turning 4 on wednesday! he is at such a fun age...still trying my patience but very fun. always smiling and yelling big woohoo's when he's excited. it seemed like only yesterday that he was a wee one like this little miss
i hope you always stay this enthusiastic about life shane! we love you buddy!


  1. nice blog xx :))

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  2. Oh goodness. A Zoltar. I thought that was just in the movie Big!!!! how weird is that???


  3. I just wanted to say, growing up in the suburbs, and I do mean suburbs, I never gave much thought to, years from now, having a family, because I always thought kids led to SUV's, and SUV's led to big white houses and spotless counter-tops. Your blog showed me that there are other lifestyles I could possibly adopt when I get to that stage of my life, I can have kids and, instead of giving up adventure, share it with them :)

  4. cant believe he is four! and my gosh, what a handsome boy! tell him we all wish him the best on his special day :D

  5. Oh Happy Birthday to Shane! Four is such a fun age and these photos capture his spirit beautifully Anne :)

  6. Happy Birthday Shane and MAMA! What a little rascal he looks to be.

  7. I wonder can I say it again, if you don't mind. how much I love the way you take pictures. And of course the lovely and very beautiful folks in them, make them so much more wonderful. The picture of you and your wee one by the rivers edge with the rainbow light should be framed as an inspiration of beauteous moments.
    Love to you Anne
    And thinking of eft post too. I think a synchronized posting on what eft means to us might be a lovely start. What do you think? x E

  8. Oooops somehow this comment got published on the wrong post, It is meant for your yosemite post. x


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