flashback friday

this is so much fun on instagram that i decided to make it a feature here on my blog! feel free to join in and post a flashback picture of your own.

above are some pictures of me through the years that i found in my closet this morning. starting from top left- 1. me as a babe in a cool wicker chair 2. 2nd grade picture 3. 1st Holy Communion picture at the end of 2nd grade. i found it interesting how different i look in matter of months 4. the worst school picture i ever took! 7th grade with straw hair! hahaha i think that may have been the result of one of my attempts at having curly hair. 5. 8th grade picture 6. senior picture.

happy friday!


  1. WOW that top middle one is SO Alex! Look how stylin you were with a wicker chair, even back then???? Destined to have good taste! :D

  2. oh my gosh! You look like a lovely teenage witch in your graduation picture, times they have been a'changin' ;)

  3. you are so beautiful...what else can i say? maybe that my secret teenage goth self wants to meet yours. :)

  4. i love it! your smile is so bright through all of these!

  5. I love old pictures, I'm just so sentimental. You were a beautiful child!

  6. Woo mama, so gorgeous. I would've loved your senior girl makeup back when i was in high school.

  7. Cutie! and your smile remains full of light :)


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