album art

in the days of downloadable music, it seems like the album cover has lost the impact it once had. i suppose i could be totally wrong about this but to see an album cover on your computer screen compared to holding in your hand...well there's just no comparison. above are SOME of my favorites. i know you all will remind me of the ones i left out, right?
1. sticky fingers, the rolling stones- the rolling stones have so many great covers, but i always loved this one as a kid because the zipper went up and down. i thought that was really cool and still do.
2. london calling, the clash- the clash paying tribute to the King.
3. born to run, bruce springsteen- love this. 
4. harvest, neil young- simply perfect
5. sweetheart of the rodeo, the byrds- great cover and album, because of gram of course!
6. the velvet underground and nico
7. the stooges
8. the best of the new riders of the purple sage- this one is on the top of my list. i think i just really want that shirt! the album is awesome as well.
9. appetite for destruction, guns n roses- i LOVED axl from 6th to 8th grade. 
10. aladdin sane, david bowie- i think david bowie was my first crush. 
11. morrison hotel, the doors- the hotel wouldn't let them take pictures, so they snuck in and snapped some anyway.
12. the flying burrito bros.- nudie suit heaven!
13. double fantasy, john lennon and yoko ono- haha this one stands out from childhood. i remember looking at it and saying, "ewww! they're kissing". 
14. rain dogs, tom waits
15. jesus was a capricorn, kris kristofferson- rita coolidge looks so rad!
16. the freewheelin' bob dylan
17. dark side of the moon, pink floyd
18. abbey road, the beatles- i know, everyone likes this one. it's my favorite cover and album of theirs.
19. the basement tapes, bob dylan and the band
20. so far, CSNY- art by joni mitchell
21. staring at the sea, the cure
22. school's out, alice cooper- i use to have this album hanging on my wall when i was in high school. this one is in my top five. when you open the cover it looks like the inside of a desk. 
23. madonna- my first style icon. 
24. live through this, hole- i really loved this album when it came out. haven't heard it in at least 10 years.
25. aja, steely dan- i know there are lots of steely dan haters out there but i AM NOT one of them. i had this shirt from one of their concerts i went to in jurior high. ruben could never see the girls profile, can you?

well there you have it! now tell me your favorite album covers.



  1. we were just talking about what a shame it is that there are no "albums" anymore, as a work of art. albums were like books, something with a start and finish, the two sides expressing two perspectives, the art bringing the eyes into the experience! so fun to see all of your favorites. you certainly picked great ones! what came to mind was something by kate bush...like 'dreaming' or 'the hounds of love'. but there were so many good ones...good job narrowing it down to just a few!

  2. Haha! Mary, I had hounds of love on there but then took it off. I love that album and cover :)


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