peacock chair

Peacock chair
did i ever post here about my peacock chair??? i can't remember, so if i'm repeating myself bear with me. a couple months ago nicky's mom's neighborhood was having a neighborhood yard sale. i told them both that i was on a hunt for a peacock chair and to keep their eyes peeled. nicky and i stopped at this amazing spanish style house with succulents galore and a driveway filled with awesomeness. the couple that lived there were so cool! he was leather tooler and ended up taking us to his workshop in the backyard. the workshop was right out of a tom waits song. old dusty upright piano, faded american flags, old signs, antlers...you get the idea. he told us that we could come by any time for some lessons. when are we gonna take him up on his offer nicky??? when we were walking out i was admiring their hammock under a big shady tree. then my eyes wandered to the green house. and through the windows i spotted the chair. i asked if we could go check it out and he said sure. (i'm pretty positive they would have let us check out their whole house and maybe even let us stay for dinner. they were that welcoming and nice!) nicky and i walked into a land of staghorn ferns surrounding the chair. my chair. i got very excited and raced out to ask if they'd be willing to sell it. the wife said ok and asked if $10 was fair. it was hard for me not to jump up and down right there! yes, $10 was more than fair! anyway, it has been at nicky's mom's and on saturday she brought it over. we each sat in and took very serious silly pictures which you can see here. now i just have to make a place for her!

oh yeah, i almost forgot about my new plant in the picture. 4 bucks at a yard sale. score!



  1. yep, that chair was meant for you - and your patio space is coming along quite well. looks so nice & homey. I'll have to stop by soon & see it in person :D

  2. Well, now THAT is an awesome chair. It's more like a throne, really.

  3. art nouveau photoshoot...stat! what an awesome score! but i think you'd make any chair look good. :)

  4. ooohhh Love it!! Great picture too!! Love Heather

  5. I'm so happy for you! Just send some good vibes my way because I've been swooning so hard for one of those chairs! I can't believe you got it for $10.00!!!

  6. All goodness, the leather man, his lovely wife, their super cool backyard.... and shoot, why didn't we stay for dinner? We could have gone out and jammed in the back shack afterward!!!! :D hehe Glad you're diggin your new finds- yard sales are thee best!!!!


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