wednesday's with nana

wednesday is my thrifting day. i usually take shane to my nana's house to be watched. when i get back i like to stay and visit and have a cup of coffee. we always end up going through pictures or jewelry boxes and nana tells me the story behind each item or photo. last wednesday we were looking at pictures and i came across the one below of my great great aunt rowena (aunt sissy is what everyone called her) . i have heard about her my whole life although i don't think i ever met her. we also came across several poems that she wrote. she seems like she was a very interesting lady.
she and her husband were ranchers in california and in her later life she lived in alaska. the above picture (with my uncle) is my favorite. what i wouldn't give to have been able to sit on those steps and talk to her. i bet she had amazing stories to share.



  1. Gorgeous photos Anne, makes me want to step inside them myself!

  2. Looks like an amazing woman and what wonderful pictures! So lucky that you have such treasures.

  3. That is so great you spend that time with her, sharing in her stories and reliving past adventures. I'm sure that means the world to her. Love that bottom picture too.

  4. I love looking at the past.

    I've been a long-time follower :) I recently started my own upcycle pyrography blog and would love for you to follow me. The more networking I can get, the better. Thank you!


  5. Ooh, that log cabin! I could see you settling in a place like that! How fun to dig through memories with your Nana (and that she's Shane watching while you thrift! :D

  6. wednesday is my thrifting day too! i LOVE that you see your nana every week, how sweet and enlightening for the spirit. and your aunt's early california life has set me dreaming; i've always been drawn to the ideas of "ranching" in the old ways, like with a hacienda and horses running through big open pastures and old timey cowboys in high waisted trousers working with the animals.

  7. Your Wednesdays sound perfect! Thanks for sharing this lovely little bit of family history with us. That cabin looks amazing!


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