ode to the rock unitard

did i really just spend the last hour looking up pictures of people in unitards? yes, yes i did! and it was all for your viewing pleasure!
i tried to stay in 70's but just couldn't leave out diamond dave, i mean he really rocked the unitard like no other!



  1. Hahhahah- badical! Here I am admiring the hippi look of Aerosmith's band member! Just not a unitard kind of gal- but these guys are definitely working the outfits!

  2. Anne! I just got your package! Oh my goodness! I knew it would be awesome the second I saw the mushrooms on the box :D I'm wearing that crazy psychedelic dress, I LOVE IT, it'll take me a whole 5 minutes to stitch that seam back together. Thank you so so so much! I love everything you sent me. It's too bad it's too warm to wear the cowl anymore (for now anyway, Canadian weather is random) but I love it too, it's going to keep me so snuggly warm when it gets nippy out again. I can't tell you how pleased I am! Thank you so much Anne, you are so wonderful :D And... unitards are awesome! :D

  3. really, and this is the start of holy week.

    1. Yes, that did cross my mind. Who Is this?

  4. I do not love unitards....it is cute that you spent AN HOUR Anne!

  5. Well, I say HOLY moley! Yay for the unitard! Haha :D


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