last week i saw the above picture on instagram (taken by this pretty lady) and got super teary eyed. yosemite is one of my favorite places on earth and i miss it so much. i haven't been there in about 7 years :( so when i saw that christina was there AND staying in the same cabins that we've stayed in countless times, my heart grew sad for this magical place. so, in an attempt to relieve my sadness i'm going to take you on a photo journey of past trips. here we go!
these first two were taken the summer of '92. above is my ode to the sound of music :D and below is my sister, my dad, me and my friend rita.
here we are the next summer. this was the day we hiked to beautiful chilnualna falls.
the summer of '94 we hiked to the top of half dome. it's approximately 20 miles round trip and was/is the longest and most difficult hike i've ever done. the next few photos are of the cables going up the back. i have heard of many people that head back down when they see the cables. i can't imagine hiking all that way and NOT going to the top.
looking at these now it looks pretty freaky, but i don't remember being scared at all. maybe i was just so exhausted that i only was thinking of getting to the top.
in front is carrie (a high school friend) and then me, my sister and dad. my stepmom, cathy, must have taken the picture.
hahaha! i felt like rocky balboa here!
i immediately laid down and went to sleep. ok. so your getting that idea that i was not in great shape, that's why everyone was so proud that i actually made it.
the view was spectacular from the top! i remember imagining a helicopter picking me up so that i didn't have to walk the 10 miles back to the car. you know what's crazy??? now that almost 20 years have passed, i kinda want to do it again! anyone want to go with me?
sitting at the top of yosemite falls
in '95 we hiked to the top of yosemite falls. i love this hike and although it's only 4 miles to the top, it's pretty hard (for me). my sister, dad and i did it again in '04 right before my sister entered the convent. that was our last hike together :(
daddy and i on the way up to yosemite falls
look at little max and alex!
this is the year we walked to
sentinal dome, it's easy, beautiful and only 2 miles round trip. great to do with kids. below is my sister and max.

daddy and baby alex on the sentinal dome walk

rita, me, daddy on the log and jen, max and alex in the grass. i'm pretty sure we watching people climb the face of el capitan.
there are so many other awesome hikes and walks all over the park. we have done so many that i can't even begin to list them. each one special and memorable!

i know i'm not alone in my love for yosemite. if you've never been there, i highly encourage you to go. as for me, i made it a goal to go there this year. i'm long overdue for a visit!

"Each of us harbors a homeland, a landscape we naturally comprehend. By understanding the dependability of place, we can anchor ourselves as trees."
i read that quote by terry tempest williams on heather's blog a while back and it has stuck with me. i thought it would be fitting for this post.
ansel adams photo


  1. I really enjoyed looking through your family photos & of course, I love that they are film! I love Yosemite for its majesty, but I get a little anxious around the throngs of people, which is why I usually go to the Sequoias, where it is less crowded. I'm glad you've set a goal to go this year. I look forward to those photos too.


  2. how fun to travel back in time through your hiking trips! each one seems so memorable and fun and perfect. that's why i LOVE this kind of activity with family; its completely unforgettable. thanks for remembering that quote (makes me proud) and it does seem like a perfect fit. you have a homeland spirit of mountain, tree, stream, fresh air and beauty.

    and YES I'M WITH YOU to do that 20 mile hike! it will definitely be the hardest hike i've ever done, but i would totally give it a shot. it looks amazing and i actually love the part with the cables, woo hoo!!!

  3. oh, i love yosemite, too. i haven't been there since i was 12 or so, but it was such a memorable trip. beautiful pictures!

  4. What a beautiful stroll down memory lane, or should I say, hike up memory mountain? ;) Some wonderful shots here... I love the one of you and your dad's silhouettes at the bottom of the falls.

    It's crazy that I've only been to Yosemite once since it's really not that far away. It was in the snow and it was beautiful. I'd love to go back. I hope you make your goal happen this year!

  5. I've never. ever. been. :( So sad!!! Your shots are amazing though, and so fun to see you and Jen out hiking in the sunshine together with your Dad and itty bitty Max and Alex!!!! SO cute!

  6. So beautiful Anne! Yosemite is such a special place. You were lucky to grow up going there and I hope the 6 of you get back there soon!

  7. I'll do that crazy dome hike with you! Totally! That looks like it would be a wild good time, I love hiking. Now I have another place on my to-visit-and-do list... I really need to get a passport haha, too much of what I want to go see is in the states.

  8. And after research... turns out you have to apply for a permit to climb that last section with cables now! And there's a lottery and limited number of them. There were apparently too many people trying to climb it at once and it was creating a bottle neck on the trail!


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