what's in my bag

if you've been around the land of blog for any amount of time, there's a good chance you have come across a post of the inside of someone's stylish, organized purse. i always get a kick out of these for a couple of reasons. first off, i wonder if they are REALLY as organized as their pictures show. i mean, are people really that cute and hip all the way down to the smallest details such as lip gloss, camera bags and organizers? secondly, i always crack up at thought of posting what the inside of my purse looks like. i'm actually laughing right now because soon you will scroll down and see for yourself.
look how sweet and innocent she looks! little do you know what she contains inside her bowels. at least once everyday i can be heard saying, "ahhh! i can never find anything in this purse!" or, "where is my phone/chap stick/camera/keys...". as if it's her fault i'm completely unorganized! often times i feel like ally sheedy in the breakfast club.

so, "do i always carry around this much shit in my bag?" yes...and here's a look at it!
1. checkbook. yes, i still write checks.
2. an array of socks. hahaha i really don't know what they are doing there or how they got there.
3. my coach wallet. it was a gift from my dad when i graduated high school. still in great shape!
4. camera and holder. never leave home without it!
5. the lamest phone on earth.
6. 4 sharpies and a pencil. no explanation on this one.
7. camera chord
8. a sticker from forever ago
9. shane's astro boy disc
10. a harmonica which i can't play
11. camera charger
12. a nursing pad
13. stack o' crap
14. bobby pins, flower hair clip, rubber bands, bracelet i made
15. 3 different chap sticks and red lipstick from halloween
16. 1 of alex's earrings and a shell
17. trash

you want to know something even worse???? i just cleaned it out! i know, i should really be ashamed of this. it's pretty embarrassing. but, that's the reality. just trying to give a peek into the life of the real me :D

so, now my question to you is, what does the inside of your bag look like???


p.s.- do like how i arranged it all so nicely for the picture? and took the time to add numbers to each item? see, i can be orderly. but it really looks much worse all stuffed into my purse :D


  1. Mine doesn't look much better! My purse is just a giant slouchy pouch too so everything is in there in a jumble. And it just feels like the most logical place to stick something when I'm busy and my hands are full... I'm sure you know what I mean :D

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Yess. I love these posts. Enough fluffy bunnies already- we're not perfect people (though my purse is new and pretty organized right now- maybe I SHOULD do one of these. HA
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. It's pretty awesome to have something in common with Ally Sheedy's Breakfast Club character. Embrace the purse craziness.

  4. I like to pretend that my purse is just like Mary Poppins'. If I dig far enough in, there is a full sized lamp in there, I swear. Also, an enormous amount of garbage. Your purse aint too bad, though. I like your wallet a lot :)

  5. Haha! Firstly, that is a very pretty check book you've got there. Secondly, this is not so bad. Mine's pretty similar, a few less pairs of socks maybe but my stack o'crap would probably make up for it.

  6. I love this little peek into your world! Purses are so funny. I recently downsized because of all the random stuff I used to carry around (expired vitamins, unpaid bills, bits of ribbon, etc.).

  7. I love this post. Thanks Anne. I go between baskets and bags and haven't had a purse in a wile that I can call home, as much as yours here. Its inspired me to though. I love this!!!!! I said that already : ) x


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