urban cowboy

i have loved urban cowboy ever since i can remember. as a kid i think i was particularly drawn to it because of the music and i liked john travolta. i remember searching for the soundtrack for years. when i was a freshman in high school, i finally found it on cassette at music +. i was sooo stoked. i immediately set to work memorizing every word to devil went down to georgia, looking for love and lyin' eyes. since those high school days i have always kept an eye out while thrifting for a gilley's t shirt. well, a couple months ago my lucky day came!
it's a guys shirt and looks as though it's never been worn. here's the one i really want to find.

i actually made ruben take me to the gilley's in vegas about ten years ago to get a shirt. it was a real locals only, cowboy bar. some guy tried to start a fight with ruben for absolutely no reason (actually, it was probably because of how he looked) and this old lady was following me around telling me how much she liked my purse. neither of us will ever forget it!

this past halloween i wanted to be bud and sissy but ruben wouldn't :( maybe i can convince him for this year.

"you a real cowboy?"
i love how so many movies with john travolta have dance sences. this one is rad!

here i am trying to dance like him. what a dork!

ok. i think you get the idea. i love everything about this movie. period.



  1. oh man, i cannot BELIEVE i've never seen this movie! that dance scene is so rad; now i want to go to a country bar and two-step the night away. i went through a country phase, and met a lot of real and not-so-real cowboys :)

    and you are the cutest thing in the world putting your own spin on it. that night at the chuck wagon looks like my favorite kind of night out! getting goofy, bar all to ourselves, perfect jukebox, oh yeah!

  2. How come thrifting just kicks so much @%%??? Seriously? Nice ringer shirt and that was a fun jaunt back to the watering hole shots from the Chuck- what a crazy fun night after gettin the hell outta dodge (Irvine) and heading to our own private spot! :D Remember Erick was having a heart to heart with the bar tender? hahah- you look gaw-gess in these shots!

  3. I actually have not seen this. I'll have to give it a watch. I like older Travolta films. And lucky you finding that shirt!

  4. Hooray! Great find! I haven't seen Urban Cowboy either, but now i think i have to! This is a cute post Anne. I also took the link to your cowboy dancing post with Nicky. You girls are so cute. I'm glad John Travolta dances fullstop. I'll be sad when he stops.


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