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- on saturday, i got the antlers i've been waiting so patiently for from my nana. they, along with many others, use to hang on wall in my great grandpa's house. it's been about 7 or 8 years since he passed away. he was wonderful and actually deserves a post of his own. last year i asked my nana what happened to all the antlers and if i might be able to have one of the sets. above is the one she gave me. the woodwork was done by my great great grandpa, who i actually have a faint memory of. the plaque says the deer weighed 192 lbs. and i think it says it was shot in 1931, it's hard to read though. i'm so happy to have them in my house! (sorry about the bad quality of the picture. it's raining today and the lighting isn't good and i'm too impatient to wait to share them)

- marianne is growing fast! she's waving, sitting up like a strong girl, trying to talk and playing on her own. she is such a sweet soul!

- mr. shane is making huge accomplishments as well. he's FINALLY potty trained! thank the lord! after trying for a year to potty train max when he was little, i decided that with shane i would just wait until he was ready and save myself the frustration. after months of saying that he would die if he sat on the toilet, he has now gone a week with only a couple accidents. yay for shane!

- smudge burning and wall art

- last thursday bordertown saints had a show. good times and great music!

i'm off to try and tackle mountains of laundry. can you say boring? can you imagine what laundry for 6 people looks like? if you can or indeed know what it's like, then you feel my pain :D



  1. Marianne's smile! What a pretty, happy little girl! And I love Shane's expression in that photo, like "Yeah, I'm cool, you know it". Good on him finally getting potty trained! That wall display with all the nooks... so lovely! I love that kind of thing, raw, natural, simple. So great you got those antlers too, what a wonderful heirloom. That photo of the smudge burning is really pretty. Reminds me a pretty lady sent me a cedar bundle... with the Chinese new year, it might not hurt to clean my apartment out of bad juju.

  2. Oh My goodness, You sure just put some perspective on my laundry. Its just me and M, and I complain. I am sorry you have to do laundry for 6. I have such a block about it. I love just about everything else to do in my home, I get satisfaction from dishes, hoovering and even bathroom cleaning, but when the basket is overflowing with laundry and I just cant shove anymore in, I could almost cry. I could probably do some EFT for that right: )
    Your photos are beautiful, and I just cant believe how much your littlest beauty has grown. Thats great about the potty training, whole new world for Shane.
    And your Grandfathers antlers are indeed special and well worth wiating for. I do wish I had more of my grandparents things, I have a few very special tokens kept. I will share one day!
    Your pictures are full of essence.

    Thanks for sharing your NOW xx


  3. i feel your pain. god, i only have two kids and it's nuts. you look gorgeous with your bangs and i love that shelf with the rocks.

  4. Excellent antlers. Adorable children.

  5. You are speaking my life.
    First, your hair is GORGEOUS. I am just the slightest bit envious.
    Second, ugh with the potty training. My first boy was easy as pie and trained before he was two. My second is fighting it tooth and nail. He's still only 2 1/2, so we are trying to take his lead.
    Third, the laundry. Oh, the laundry. Does it ever end?

    Thanks for this post. Beautiful.

  6. Haha i was just about to write what Brigit did, I feel your pain. I am trying to get through our stinky laundry as well. At least it is sunny out so things will dry, and did i mention windy? So yes, hooray for me, I get to do washing as well. Your wall shelf art is beautiful!

  7. mmmmm, that sage picture is downright YUMMY. a glorious life indeed, even with all that laundry. there are five kids in my family, so i can definitely relate although it's been awhile...my poor mom, and the laundry station was out in the freezing cold garage. you are looking beautiful sweet girl, like a pure winter rose. and those babes, oh man they are gorgeous!

  8. thats so cool you finally got your grandpa's antlers! And how cute is baby?! Getting SO big.

    Love your shadow box. I have one from high school that I need to unearth. Man, I loved that thing.

  9. The antlers are bitchen... especially all the detailed layers of wood :D Marianne is in trouble for smiling at Erick!!!! (but she's just so dang irresistable). Yay for Shane (I loved all the high fives and cheering after his poop- hehe- that's some good encouragement!). Good luck on laundry :D

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