a calico baby bag

my friend rita, who i spoke of here, is having her first baby. i wanted to make her something special and finally decided on a baby bag. i had several different brown calico fabrics that went well together and below is the design i came up with.bby 008
a birdie mama and a wee birdie babe. this was my first attempt at applique and it actually went really well. i'm not a huge fan of sewing but overall this project was pretty quick and easy. i don't think i even cussed at it once!
bby 006

bby 009
here is rita in all her pregnancy glory. she is going to be having a home birth, which is always exciting to me. i can't wait to hear all about it!
bby 011


  1. Ah, what a beautiful bag! YOu did an awesome job. Rita is beautiful in all her fullness.

  2. the bag and the mama-to-be are both beautiful ;)

  3. dude. dude. that bag is freaking sweet. i want one.

  4. Cute! What a sweet gift. You did a great job. Oh babies everywhere. A friend of mine is due in just a few short weeks. And, I still think your bangs look great on you.

  5. OH WOW, I had no idea she was pregnant! How exciting. She looks beautiful and that bag is So Great. You always give the most thoughtfully crafted gifts. I've loved every single thing you ever gave me, especially because I know how much effort goes into it.

  6. Way cute! You made applique look like fun (and sewing too) even though you know how I feel about sewing ;0

    Rita looks adorable with that big ol' baby belly! She looks skinny still!!!

  7. Thats so cute! Congrats Rita.


  8. Weeeeeee! Great job, it is so cute. I'm sure Rita will be thrilled with it.

  9. Such a cute idea to sew her a bag! It's a wonderful baby present, I bet she will love it! The florals and birdies are so adorable :)

  10. Gorgeous bag and two
    gorgeous girls! All the best to your friend :)


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