the three little pigs and the big bad wolf finger puppets

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"big bad wolf" has been shane's favorite story for about a year now. he goes to bed every night listening to it. every time he see's a big dog, he calls it the big bad wolf. he was even quite terrified when he first saw this disney cartoon, but now it is a favorite.
i had planned to make a finger puppet theater for him for christmas, but got too overwhelmed with everything. i had also planned to make three pigs and the big bad wolf to go along with it. well, yesterday i decided to get started. i've only done one pig and the big bad wolf so far. i looked at stills from the cartoon and just made them up as i went. when i was cutting the wolf's tail i asked shane, "is this tail good?". he quickly replied, "no mommy. bigger. huge.". the tail was obviously a BIG DEAL. when i finished them he was sooo excited. and just now he said, "mommy, you made those for me? tank you!".
i will show them all when i finish. i just wanted to make sure and pictures before they start getting played with :D

i wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the sweet comments on my sisters post! AND also tell you how much i enjoyed reading your musical memories. i was totally cracking up! thanks :D



  1. Yessss! These are so rad- seriously you've got skillz gurl! :D I can't wait to hear shane tell the story to me and then sing me, "who's afraid of the big bad wolf? big bad wolf, big bad wolf...." heheheh

  2. Oh wow, I haven't seen that Three Little Pigs clip in YEARS. I loved that story when I was little too. I had this big rolled up board, and I'd glued on carton houses with doors that flipped open, and I had little pigs glued to popsicle sticks and they each lived in a house and I had a popsicle stick wolf too... I think these finger puppets are way more awesome though :) For something you just whipped up, they are amazing!

  3. those are amazing! as is the calico bag...you might not like sewing, but it seems to like you! your talent seems effortless. wowzers!

  4. Oh, Shane is so cute! Oh, and the puppets are adorable too. He steals the show, though!


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