musical memories// marky mark leads me to lou reed

oh man! this is a good one folks!
back in 1991 i was in 8th grade. my taste in music went far and wide. all the way from the beatles and stones to guns n' roses to (ahem) marky mark and the funky bunch. thankfully i was allowed to explore all genres, no matter how good or bad they were (this is something i have been known to struggle with as a parent :D but i am working on it). anyway, growing up we had an extensive album library, in alphabetical order too! you don't know how many times i have longed for that library! so, one day i've got marky mark playing in my room, i was most likely trying to memorize the lyrics, and my step-dad comes up to me and says, "you know that song is a cover, right?" ... "it is?" i say. we take a walk down the hall to the office/music room and he locates lou reed's transformer and puts it on the record player. there were obvious differences, but i remember being stoked about this new info. i also remember trying to impress my friends with all my musical knowledge... they weren't interested.
i wish i could say that after this day i delved into the music of lou reed and the velvet underground, but that didn't come until later...

here i am in eighth grade.
do you have a musical memory you'd like to share? it's really fun!
post about one on your blog or leave a comment and let me know. i'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I remember, when I was probably about 14, listening to the Led Zeppelin's albums I-III, and trying REALLY hard to like them... but just not GETTING it, you know? And now they're some of my favourites. I have to thank my uncle for much of my taste in music, since he gave me a ton of old cassette tapes as a kid... I still have them all heh. You still look a lot the same... me in 8th grade had glasses and short spikey hair!

  2. i love love love your musical memories!

    you were way hipper than me in 8th grade, even with your widely eclectic taste :) i had just discovered erasure. my first cassette tape was probably in 6th grade, Paula Abdul.

    i bet your kids have the best taste in music. even if they dabble in the dumb stuff, deep down they know what's good.

  3. Well, i still call Mark Wahlberg - MarkyMark...do you? My most EMBARRASSING music memory is my Tiffany tape and eventually realising through my dad that "I saw him standing there"...was a Beatles cover.

  4. I really love the Lou Reed version of that song... but had my Marky Mark days too! My most embarrassing musical moment was listening to Humpty Dance on a cassette in my friends kitchen. Her dad walked in and was horrified (we knew all the lyrics, just didn't know what they were singing about- hahahha). He ripped it outta the boom box!

    Yeah, your musical taste is far superior to most (and at a tender age), it was good having an alphabetical record totin' stepdad :D People like Verne can appreciate that. ;) hehe

  5. Oh my! In 8th grade I was discovering punk rock and KROQ. Whereas, just a year or two earlier I can still see myself wearing neon, jelly shoes and legwarmers at the "Skate O Rama" rockin out to Madonna, Bananarama and the Bangles. Fun post...xoxo
    ...in my beloved walkman I had tapes of Boy George and Wham, if I only had it still to embarrass the kids with, ha :)

  6. Oh man, when you said you were probably trying to learn the lyrics I had a total flashback to me in my bedroom at about 12 or 13 years old, mid 80's, with Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill in the tape deck of my "ghetto blaster" actually writing out on binder paper all the lyrics to Paul Revere. Stop/write/play/stop/write/play/wait, what was that?/rewind/repeat repeat repeat... ha!

    I'll tell you what though, to this day, I can still bust that rhyme word for word ;)

    Ok, I just now read through the other comments and Teeny's made me thing of my very first record player which my parents got me in the late 70's and the first two records they got me were Meet the Beatles and Micky Mouse Disco, haha, what a combo!

    I was also obsessed with Michael Jackson in the early 80's and loved rollerskating around the paved areas at my house with Thriller in my walkman. Billie Jean was my fave :)

  7. Anne, you have confirmed my suspicions that we probably have a lot more in common than we know. As for the rap off... Brrrrring it! hahah!

  8. I wasn't fortunate enough to have an alphabetical music library (so cool!) but I do remember having a major crush on Tom Petty in 2nd grade, even carrying around his picture in my backpack and my friends all thought I was nuts. However, when I was 12 I turned to Dylan and never looked back.

    BUT, I do remember liking Marky Mark a bit too. New Kids on the Block I thought were atrocious, but MM had some cool to him. And obviously, Lou Reed is the king.

    Fun post!

  9. I can never get into cover songs ever. I just love originals. anyway I think this was a cute story! You were a beautiful 8th grader.

  10. ok, first of all, this post made me feel ancient. in 1991 i was in my first year of college! geez.

    secondly, i had one of those fisher price record players. i would sneak my brother's blue oyster cult album, and play "don't fear the reaper" over and over, with a full choreography to boot. one day i was singing it while shopping with my mom and she was like, "don't say that! do you know what that song's about?". she explained, expecting me to "get it".

    it only made the song that much cooler.

    thanks for this post...so fun!! love 13 year old you...timeless beauty!


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