frank zappa//musical memories

i wanted to start something new here- musical memories. basically i will be sharing a song and some memories that are attached to it. so get ready for a WIDE variety of songs i love and songs i hate (i've been wanting to do a playlist of songs i can't stand. haha i think that would be fun!). so here's the first one. i don't anticipate anyone making it through the whole song but we'll see.

i first heard apostrophe by frank zappa when i was a junior in high school, so that was 1994. i remember being totally blown away by it and loving how bizarre and different it was compared to most/all music i'd heard. the fact that he was not known by most 16 year old's at the time made it even cooler to me. we had this album on vinyl, so i recorded it onto a cassette and listened to it for months straight in my car. i've only met a couple of zappa fans in my life, i suppose it's not exactly the type of music most people would choose to listen to but it's fun and this album in particular brings back lots of memories for me.

some of my favorite song quotes come from this album-
1."is that a real poncho or is that a sears poncho?"-definitely one of my top 5 favorite song lyrics ever! i was watching mystery science theater 3000 one time and they said that, i was so stoked! it doesn't take much to make me happy people :D
2."watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow"- saying this a must, when in snow!
3."I'll take a drive to BEVERLY HILLS just before dawn an' knock the little jockeys
Off the rich people's lawn"- i think of that every time i see a lawn jockey.

there ya have it! i would have included a picture of me from 1994, but someone (shane) misplaced my camera (i don't have a scanner so it would have been a picture of a picture). next time.

♥ anne


  1. oh my god! i have such great childhood memories of this song! thank you! xo, leora

  2. my dad and mom were zappa fans, so "yellow snow" is a reference that goes way back for me. and more recently my husband and i shared it with our kids. ah, wholesome family fun :)
    when i was 16--ahem, a few years before you :( --i bought a few "zappa for president" bumper stickers in the parking lot of a grateful dead show. i think there's still one floating around on one of my husband's guitar cases somewhere...

  3. What a cool idea, to share the memories associated with a particular song/album/artist. Zappa has never been part of my canon, as he wasn't part of my mom's, but my husband has introduced me to him a little and I gotta say I look forward to exploring him further. This is a good intro course, eh? Thanks for sharing.

    And thank you for your beautiful email. I'm gonna get off my bum and reply one of these fine days. Honey on coldsores totally rocked. ♡

  4. pictures of pictures to commemorate a time would be utterly fantastic :) I'll be taking a listen now...


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