6 months

my sweet little marianne will be six months in a couple days! she's rolling, cooing and just got her first tooth. she'll be 5 years old in a blink of an eye! i better relish these months of her babe-dom :D reminds me of this awesome, oh-so-true song.



  1. She is the CUTEST thing ever! And that dress is so adorable. Still can't believe half a year's gone by. You're right. She'll be a big girl before you know it. Happens too fast :(

    Happy Six months Marianne!

  2. miss silly six months! how adorable!

  3. Oh Marianne! Sweetness, sweetness. I love her goofy little smile.

  4. Aw, Happy Half Birthday to Marianne! What a little ball of sweetness! That is such a beautiful song too :)

  5. Such a sweet smile! And 6 months already. She has your eyes. :)

  6. oh anne she is just gorgeous! what a perfect little 6 month old bundle...is that the perfect age? just right, cutest combo of sweetness and silly and fun and sunshine?! cause it sure looks like it. LOVE to you both!


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