patchwork dreams and an update

This was my Mama's t shirt! She really is the #1 Mom :D
vintage 70's t shirt- hand-me-down from my Mom
denim shorts, belt, clogs, handbag- thrifted

I absolutely LOVE my new 70's patchwork handbag! It very well may be my best purse find to date. From the wood handles and awesome fabric to the big pocket and size, it's sheer perfection (as far as I'm concerned)!

The denim shorts are also new. I was going to add them to my shop because they're kinda big on me, but I'm thinking about keeping them. After putting them on I didn't mind the size and thought they were kinda cute. Plus, I don't really have any shorts for summer. I guess I've talked myself into keeping them for now :D

Here are few new items in Wee Folk Vintage-

...and 2 new items in A Cup Full of Sunshine Vintage-

navy blue straw hat
vintage woven handbag

That's all for now folks!



  1. Fallen in love with that patchwork bag. That is beautiful.
    Much love;
    Izzy -

  2. I love your bag and the straw one too! what a great shirt to have from your Mom! :o)

  3. The bag is SO great!!! And love the outfit- so you!!!

    You're selling the little woven handbag after all??? It's adorable! You need to try on that white skirt before I put it up in my shop- see if you like it! (It's my new banner image!)

  4. wow check out your legs Anne. And I really like the bag. x

  5. I absolutely love your whole outfit! It's amazing! I wish I could copy every detail.

  6. Hi, I came here from Milla's blog. Ahhh, I love your clogs. Adorable.

  7. Your bag is so amazing! I absolutely love patchwork.

  8. love love love the patchwork bag....and that little girls dress is super sweet! i have one similar for my daughter that was mine as a kid

  9. your patchwork hand bag is adorable! and i love the bag you added to the shop too...great finds! I think you should keep the shorts, they look adorable on you :)
    m a m u s h k a m a r i e

  10. hey i love the bag a lot. i love your clogs even more!

  11. Oh I love that you are wearing one of your mom's shirts. And, that last purse is great. I linked you up to my post ... I did the little list you created ... and it made me so happy. XO

  12. Hey pretty lady, I am loving this ensemble, that tee is AWESOME, I want one too!

    So, I'm sitting here fondling all the amazing goodies from your giveaway package and I love it all SO much!

    How you found such a pristine white shawl like this is beyond me, it's so soft and CLEAN... whenever I find them they're either felted, scratchy, or they smell bad, this one is gorgeous. The owl necklace, woah, that thing is rad and the crochet bag is so so sweet!

    The flower clips are super duper cute and I'm going to put one in Clover's hair to go to the neighbor girl's birthday party as soon as she wakes up from her nap. Wow, thankyou so much for such an awesome package Anne, you rock!

    p.s. We didn't make it to Flora Grubb. For some reason I was thinking it was closer to the zoo than it actually was and we decided to try and beat the awful Friday evening traffic.

  13. love the patch work! so pretty
    great post

  14. Oh, I love that last purse! And your children's clothes are adorable.

    You look so cute in your vintage tee!


  15. I love the patchwork handbag :D

  16. Just came across your blog! It is lovely! Those shorts are awesome!


  17. The hat and bag are so cute! I'll have to check out your shop.

  18. Cute outfit!



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