if i was a ...

If I was a month, I’d be July
If I was a day of the week, I’d be Friday.
If I was a time of day, I’d be dusk.
If I was a planet, I’d be Earth.
If I was a sea animal, I’d be a otter.If I was a direction, I’d be whichever way the wind was blowing.
If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be a porch swing.
If I was a liquid, I’d be fresh spring water.
If I was a gemstone, I’d be amber (is that gem?).
If I was a tree, I’d be an oak or aspen.If I was a tool, I’d be a knife.
If I was a flower, I’d be baby's breath.
If I was a kind of weather, I’d be warm and breezy.
If I was a musical instrument, I’d be a guitar.
If I was a color, I’d be mustard yellow.If I was an emotion, I’d be love.
If I was a fruit, I’d be a pink lady apple.
If I was a sound, I’d be the sound of crickets.
If I was an element, I’d be wind.
If I was a car, I’d be a 70's volkswagon camper.If I was a food, I’d be farm fresh, in season and organic.
If I was a place, I’d be a grassy hill near the ocean.
If I was a material, I’d be yarn.
If I was a taste, I’d be delectable.
If I was a scent, I’d be the smell of the forest.

I tag any one who wants to do this :D It was pretty darn fun!

I've been such a bad blogger lately! I've hardly been on the computer, therefore I've had no time to catch up on all my blog reading :( I plan to get caught up in the next few days. Can't wait to see what y'all have been up to :D

We're off to the beach to watch the sunset and have a bonfire for my Mama's birthday. Hope you all have a super weekend!


photo credit 1/2/3/4/5


  1. There's nothing not to like about this post, beautifully rendered, and the pictures are priceless.

    love love love this!


  2. Ooh what a fun questionnaire, I tag myself :P VW campers are the bomb!

  3. I did this tag on my blog a few weeks back. It's so fun and interesting to read everyone's answers! I enjoyed reading yours.


  4. Anne, this post is so lovely! You've made a beautiful poem. I think I will do this too :)

  5. Loved your answers for this- a good read and good pix!!! Happy Sunday morning!

  6. beautiful post darling. x

  7. mmmm. i really like this one. quite perfect really. and, i do think i want to do this at some point. yes, i think so.

  8. I will definitely do this .... I LOVE THIS POST!!! XO

  9. really fun Anne!! so jelous of your bonfire, hope you have fun :)

  10. I just adore this post! So poetic and personal at the same time! I love it. Maybe I'll do it too... so fun.


  11. This is such cool meme and I love the photos you chose to go with it.

    I think I'm gonna do it :)

  12. Love this post! Love your blog, really.

  13. This is so sweet! I actually remember doing a very similar activity in elementary school... Mine didn't turn out quite so poetic. :)

  14. i love this you have a beautiful blog!!!

    have a great weekend. xx



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