The Stranger in the Glass Box

I was at South Coast Plaza today, walking around, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? This series of photos by Quentin Shih for Christian Dior! It's the first time they've been shown in the U.S. I have to say though, they were much more impressive in person. Looking at them on a computer screen does not due them justice. You can't see all the details. For instance, everyone (except the models) has over-exaggerated rosy cheeks and great expressions on their faces. I loved it! And of course, the clothing is exceptionally beautiful. Maybe on his website you can zoom in, if you so desire. Anyway, I thought they were really amazing and wanted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy :)
♥ anne
*You can see all the photos here.


  1. Yeah they are very beautiful in an eerie kind of way...I love crazy photo shots like these and sometimes wish it was my job to assist on them!

  2. reminds me a lot of tim walker. lovely whimsy pictures but also quite melancholic. when I first glanced at them I thought this had something to do with Hiroshima! off to see them on his website now. eeee cant wait!

  3. just came back from his website - OMG! they are too die for! thank you so much for sharing, you are a sweet heart.

  4. Very cool! I can think of 2 other editorials featuring glass boxes and they're always so intriguing.


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