Crochette Bow Headband

We have a birthday party to go to today, so yesterday I whipped up this headband for the gift. I'm quite pleased with it and will definitely be making one for myself. Aren't they cute! It didn't take long either. Now, that's my kind of project!
Talk to you soon,
♥ anne

p.s.-You wanna make one for yourself? Well, head on over to creative yarn for the pattern.


  1. your daughter is adorableand looks much like her mama! very clever gift, i love crocheting but can't knit for anything.

  2. thank you much emily! i'm just learning to knit. it seems every time i see a fun pattern, it's for knitting. i decided i just need to learn. i haven't made anything yet though, just practicing the basics :)

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely gift! You crafty lady you!!! Elsa and Alex can be twinsies!!! :)

  4. that is such an adorable idea!


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