Cuckoo For Marionettes

Last night my children and I watched Pinocchio, my all time favorite Disney movie. It has such a great message and moral. I wish all children's movies had one, unfortunately they don't. But that's a whole different topic. Let's move on to the fun stuff! Cuckoo clocks and marionettes. The awesome collage at the top can be found here. I seriously wish I owned every one of those. The next one I found here. The last two I found on etsy here and here. Ever since I was little, I've always wanted a cuckoo clock. Maybe it's time to make that wish come true.

What do you think of that first video? I liked the skeleton one best, although they all were pretty cool. And no post about marionettes would be complete without the puppet show scene from The Sound of Music. Again, one of my favorites movies. A few years ago I went to The Sound of Music Sing Along at the Hollywood Bowl. It was so much fun!
Well, that's it for now friends. Have a great Wednesday!
♥ anne


  1. Oh, I adore cuckoo clocks! They're so fun.
    P.S. I actually have lived without winter; my family moves every three years and I spent three blissful years in Hawaii (and other years down south, etc) and I didn't miss the cold at all...

  2. cuckoo clocks and wind up jewellery boxes are all both adorable. as are marionettes. I lived in Switzerland for 3 months and i always meant to bring one with me when i left but never got round to it! i think you should indulge the child within you and get one :-)

  3. Oooh, I love cuckoo clocks!! The second one is gorgeous.


  4. Pinocchio is a wonderful movie and I love the scene in Gipetto's shop with all the cuckoo clocks!

    Man, that skeleton has got some serious moves, way ahead of his time!


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