The Good Ol' Drive-in

Last night we went to the drive-in to see Where The Wild Things Are. It was so awesome! I hadn't been to a drive-in for a very long time. We brought the essentials- homemade popcorn, candy and beer. What's better than watching a movie outside with the stars overhead, your loved ones near by and popcorn and beer? Pretty cool! I think we'll be going a lot more. Not only is it fun, it's also way cheaper. Plus, you can't really take a one year into a movie theater, but you definitely can take them to the drive-in!
If you're looking for a drive-in theater near you, check out this site.


  1. Drive-ins are totally nostalgic for me, I wish there was one close by! I like the photo with Badlands on the screen.

  2. i know, it was so sad when they started tearing them all down. i use to go all the time as a kid. you know, i've never seen badlands before. i'll have to netflix it.


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