Does your man have P.A.???

Hahaha! That ad is the greatest thing I've seen in a long time! I mean the first thing I look for in a man is Pipe Appeal! Doesn't every sophisticated lady? hehehe Ok, I'm not saying to start smoking or anything, but pipes sure are pretty awesome! And I think they smell good too. I found that set for my husband at an antique store a couple of months ago. I think they may have been his favorite gift I've ever given him. Now he just has to start using it. Wait, I take that back. We'll just put them out for decoration for now :)
p.s.- don't I look ladylike holding a pipe?
p.p.s.- this is what happens when I'm in the house for two days straight. Sick babies+ no sleep+nursing 24 hours a day+cabin fever= crazy!

papa and pipe by the Black Apple and the print is by matteart


  1. That is so great! I do love the appearance of pipes...if not the smell!

  2. thank you much! that was my first gif attempt :)

  3. Those two paintings are so great!!! Love the Pipe Appeal. Cabin fever's no fun! Has your man any pipe tobaccee yet?

  4. That's a cute pic of you! is it from the 70's?

    haha once we turned up to a campsite we had booked and there was some crazy gypsy man squatting there smoking a pipe!

  5. I love your pipe! That pic of you with it looks like its straight out of the 70's:) Great.I love the smell of pipe tobacco...it reminds me of my grandfather.

  6. thanks girls, gotta love the 70's action in photoshop :) i really could use it on every picture! i like how the smell reminds you of your granpa kelly ann, and heather- i love gypies! i have a gypsy playlist i'm putting together :)

  7. They are quite dapper, aren't they? As a small child I can remember my grandfather smoking his pipe too, the sweet smell of it.

    That papa and the pipe print is awesome!


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