Walks With Maggie

Maggie loves taking walks. She likes going in whatever direction she pleases and isn't that good at responding to my calls to follow my lead. I try to start off with her in the stroller, which she hates, and then I let her walk back home on her own.
She observes all sorts of things along the way. Flowers, dirt, leaves and birds. It's adorable to watch squatted over a little rock checking it out. Yesterday she found a big stick and went along with it for some distance.
She is a wild one and keeps me on my toes all day!

♥ anne


  1. She's so precious and this age is soooo fun. She's learning so much. Polly is a wild one who keeps me on my toes too! Always with bruises and scrapes, and she hardly bats an eye! She actually does love to ride in the stroller though. I think to her it's like a RIDE ride, comparable to going on the carousel, haha!

  2. She's a leader. :) An explorer. Her very own person, naturally.


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