Our Favorite Board Games

We are big on games in this family! Here is a list of some of our favorite board and card games-

UNO- Shane was called "The Uno Man" for quite some time because all he wanted to do was play UNO. This game is easy for the little ones to understand, plus it helps them learn colors and numbers! The skip and reverse cards have been known to cause a fight or two but revenge is sweet!

Yahtzee- A personal favorite of mine. This game is good because you're basically playing against yourself. It's fun for toddlers because they get to roll the dice. Marianne is usually on someone's team when we play or I'll keep score for her.

Sequence for Kids- All my kids have loved this game as toddlers! I consider it a must have.

Memory- Again, a must have game!  My kids all started playing this around 2-3 years old. Last Christmas we got this one and Shane and Marianne love it!

Blokus- This game is a blast! If you love Tetrus then you need this game. It isn't for toddlers, maybe 5 years and up depending on your child. Shane loves it and he's 6. Max ALWAYS wins.

Spot It Junior- We recently got this and it's a fun, quick, easy to learn game.

Othello- Great 2 person game!

Connect Four- Another fun one that is pretty much all ages.

Old Maid- A classic and a family favorite!

Klackers- A great party game! Even more fun when you start placing bets!
Games that require reading, writing, spelling or are just for older kids/adults.

The Enchanted Forest- For older kids. It can go on for quite a while so a longer attention span is necessary to play.

Scrabble- My all time favorite game.

Apples To Apples Junior- Once your child can read, this game is a hit! Fun for kids and parents! I hear the adult version is awesome too.

Scattergories- This game is addicting! We always say, "just one more round" about 5 times before we actually stop playing.

Oh gosh! I just remembered Battleship and Clue!

Then there always card games like War, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Spades, Spite and Malice...

You may be surprised but there are actually a couple games I refuse to play or rarely play. Sorry- you want your kids to fight? Have them play Sorry. Monopoly- The never ending game. Too long, too many pieces. 

What did I leave out? Please share your favorites!

♥ anne


  1. I'm going to keep my eye out for some of these. Sometimes I get really pumped for some board game action, but other times it can feel tedious. We're into:
    Apples-to Apples, Caranium, chess, Catch Phrase, Fibbers, Bananagrams.

    Things tom plays with the kids but I can't dig- Settlers of Catan and King of Tokyo.

    1. Ooh! I've never heard of that last two! I'll have to check some of these out. Thanks!

  2. Hey Anne, Connect 4, Draughts and Guess Who? are our favourite games right now. I've never seen The Enchanted Forest before, but I took your link, looks good.

    1. Never heard of Draughts. Gonna look in to that! And you know what? I've never played Guess Who. I bet the kids would love that one. Thanks teeny!

  3. Oh man, we love dominoes, the kind where you play for points. We recently picked it back up and it's so fun. We also like scrabble, but only a speedy version. Apples to apples is fun, so is bananagrams, cranium and the dictionary came which is more like a parlor game deal.

    1. Dominoes are so fun! We have a colorful phrase (Ruben and I) that we shout out whe we get a domino. It's the best part ;) of course that's only when we play without kids. Hahaha! I agree that Scrabble has to be speedy otherwise you could be sitting there as long as you would be for monopoly! Dictionary game? Is this when everyone writes a definition for a word and you try and pick the real one? If so, that game is SO fun!

    2. Yeah! It's the best with the preteens of large vocabularies of our acquaintances. <3 I would love to play some serious fun games with your lot!

  4. What a great post! We are major jigsaw puzzle fans over here. I was introduced to the world of Euchre when I moved to the Midwest. A great four person card game that helps pass some winter nights. Thanks for the links, I'll definitely be checking some of these out!

  5. Great selections! My favorite game is called Mastermind ( http://www.amazon.com/Pressman-Toy-3018-06B-Mastermind/dp/B00000DMBF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416284407&sr=8-1&keywords=mastemind ), it is two players and older kids/adults. It is a fun game to play after dinner when you just want to sit around and take your time. :)

  6. I admire your gaming.

    I've never enjoyed board games but keep thinking I need to force myself to try some out. for the boys anyway. I'll keep my eyes open for some on your list.

    fun post!

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