Beginner Knitter

I picked up the knitting needles again this week. As I've said before, this time of year is by far my most creative. It must be the change in weather that does it because it happens annually. Anyway, I have crocheted for many years and took to it pretty quickly but knitting has proved to be much more of a challenge for me. Last year about this time I tried to knit a baby blanket for Marianne's doll and it came out pretty hilarious. There were holes and it took on a wavy shape from accidental increased and decreased stitches. It was frustrating, so I let go of my knitting dreams and promptly put my needles away in the craft closet. That is until I saw this pin on Pinterest. It said it was for beginners so I gave it a try.
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It came out much better than I could have hoped it would. There are many mistakes (which aren't that visible in the pictures) but I have at least proven to myself that I can indeed knit. I had to take my own advice during the process. The advice which always annoys my kids when I give it to them- "You can't expect to be a master at something you've never done. Everything takes practice". So, if you're a beginner like me, I think this hat/hood is a really good starter project. You can find the pattern here.

♥ anne


  1. Oh, this is adorable! I'll have to give it a try. I've knit a number of items mostly just baby longies (pants) and a baby sweater or two. I get very inspired to knit when I'm pregnant and on maternity leave. But my youngest is now turning 4, so it's been a while and this looks like the perfect project to jump back into it with. Plus it would hopefully look this cute on my 4 year old boy as it does on Maryanne.

    1. oh, I bet it will! My 6 year old son requested I make him one so that's what I'm working on now. One day I hope to make a sweater!

  2. This is so beautiful, Anne! I am totally impressed. Great pictures, too!

  3. Wow it looks really great! In the beginning knitting can be awkward and frustrating (at least it was for me) But keep it up, it can become so relaxing and therapeutic once you find your groove. ; )

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