DIY christmas wreath and other randomness

I've been admiring the beautiful bush below for the last month and thought it was just begging to be made into a wreath. So, with my scissors in hand, I headed over to it and snipped off a couple branches and made my first wreath which is now hanging in the dining room.
We made a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed yummy food and fun conversation around the dinner table. Marianne LOVES to help with the dishes and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her and my very patient Nana working together.
dress, sweater- thrifted // hat- c/o milla // clogs- c/o mary

You see that somewhat puzzled/WTF look on my face? That sums up how I've been feeling. My motto this last week has been, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" which explains why I've been so quiet. And after having quite possibly the worst day yesterday (which included car trouble, missing my parent/teacher meeting and Shane running full force into the rear corner of the AAA truck and banging up his face right after Marianne had an accident in her pants) I think I may have finally snapped out of my overwhelmed funk. So, while I'm still a lady of few words I can at least say something other than colorful four letter words.

I hope this "Merry Season" is you treating you better! And I look forward to some green lights and blue skies in the very near future for me (and you of course)  :)

♥ anne


  1. Dang, girl! I hope next week is better! I've been meaning to make a wreath for a while and now that there's all these windfalls maybe your good example will inspire me into action. Love ya!

  2. Oh, Anne! That sounds like the worst day ever! It always seems to all fall apart at once, doesn't it? At least that's how it seems to me. I love your wreath, at least! Hope the pendulum swings the other way and you have some peace. Happy Holidays!

  3. Yes, that sounds like a very bad day deserving of four letter words. I like the light in the photo of you.....and that feast looks good...good in the way of family and in the way of the feast. xo

  4. hope things are going better now. this season really is tough. that's for sure. and the pregnancy woes only add a little to the seasonal stresses.

    thanksgiving looks lovely though!

  5. sounds like you were having quite the time... mama times can be hard. at least you look radiant and oooh that sweater!!! so cozy! xo m


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