maternity style


I thrifted this dress last month and kept trying it on but never got around to wearing it. It is a wee bit too baggy, even for me and I figured I'd just sell it. I tried it on yet again this morning and decided to tie a little belt above my belly and viola! it is now wearable. Someone even complimented it today :)

Then this afternoon I dropped some stuff off at the Goodwill and just had to go inside, you know, in case there was something awesome waiting for me. Turns out there was something quite amazing...a practically new Ergo baby carrier! It looks just like this and was only $6.99! Man, I am STOKED because I've been wanting one for years but never have the spare $100+ to spend on it. Yay for going down an aisle you usually don't go down!

That was my exciting day. Did anything awesome happen to you today?

♥ anne

p.s.-excuse my odd face, I think I was mid sentence when Shane took the pic.


  1. You never know what awaits you at the thrift store! That's awesome you found something that you could really use for such a delightful price. You looks super cute preggers style. I just love how you styled your dress.

  2. You are gorgeous! Also, so excited for your score. Love it when the right item finds the right person.

    As for me, my husband happened. He's awesome ;)

    1. ...and now that I think about it: a teenager told me she liked my hair. That was also awesome.

  3. awesome score on the ergo! i had a hand me down denim one from a friend, and we loved that thing. I carried Weston for almost two years front and back. something awesome today? phone calls from folks who want to sing at an event i'm organizing! that was pretty awesome.

  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I took Oscar to the orthodontist today and his gap isn't closing! So that is awesome for now! He had a baby tooth pulled about 6 months ago and because he has a crowded mouth we have to make sure his teeth don't move in and prevent the adult tooth coming through. That is a cute baby carrier man. And you have rad maternity style.

  5. score!! It always turns out that the moment I buy something expensive new, I will end up finding the same thing at the goodwill within days! xo m

  6. Good job on finding the Ergo carrier!! I scoured Craigslist to find one and still ended up dropping $50, but it's hands down my favorite carrier that I've ever used and I would never be without one again. You'll love it!

  7. I love that dress on you- it reminds me of this super pricey Emerson Fry caftan that I could never pull the trigger on, but that suits you perfectly. And SCORE on the Ergo Carrier. I have had ours (it was a gift) for 5 years now and it has been used nearly daily. My Oliver was still riding on my back at age three, and Emil now enjoys it at 2. Such a great carrier.


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