salvation mountain

earlier this week we spent a few days in palm desert with my mom celebrating my birthday. and since we were in the general area of salvation mountain i decided that we had to go. i've been wanting to go there for years. the first time i heard of it was from the tv show, California's Gold (you can view the episode here). after that i was pretty determined to get there. 
ruben and i got up early and ended up going alone on friday morning. and i'm glad to report that it was just as awesome as i thought it would be. i highly recommend making the trip and if you want good lighting for pictures i'd suggest going at sunset not in the morning like we did.






♥ anne


  1. WOW! these are such rad photographs! looks like the morning sun didn't do them too much wrong ;) i want to go...looks right up my alley. i have never seen the show california gold but an old professor of mine was the editor so i will have to watch it.

    so glad you had a nice birthday getaway and i am sorry i didn't wish you a happy birthday sooner! hope is is the most magical year yet. sending you and your family lots of good happy peaceful birthday vibes :)

  2. Oh wow! Looks like the perfect birthday outing. What a trip. There's so much gold in California.

  3. I have heard about this from friends thanks for sharing we are not to far from here I will definitely put it on my list to visit Love Heather

  4. Isnt that place amazing!? I love it there. Great photos!

  5. Hey Anne, we had wanted to visit Salvation Mountain when we last came over...but couldn't fit it into our itinerary....love your photos though, there are some details here that I hadn't seen before; the truck tires, the altar with the trophies, the letter box plaque. Thanks for sharing! x


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