m a d e // denim triangle bag

i haven't made too many things recently but one morning several weeks ago i decided to make this simple triangle bag. the original pattern uses one whole piece of fabric but since i had a bunch of denim scraps i decided to piece them together and use that instead. here's what it looked like originally. i was unsatisfied with it so i asked for suggestions via instagram. i ended up bleaching the denim and adding tassels and a wee bit of stitching. and even though it's not my favorite creation, i have actually used it quite a bit. it is now officially my beach/pool bag. it holds a lot of crap and because of it's design it can also hold a lot of weight. here is the pattern if you're interested. it's a very versatile and very easy (even for someone like me who doesn't love sewing).  

have you made anything fun lately? please share :)

♥ anne


  1. Uuugh, I wish I had made something. I have about a ten thousand ideas for craft projects. This is definitely inspiring. My sewing machine has been shot for a while, trying to fix it. Love your crafty side, girl.

  2. What a great idea Anne, I love the effect after bleaching it and adding the tassels. I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year, but haven't so much as turned it on, I need to find a simple project to get me going. Thanks for linking the pattern!

  3. love it Anne! I always get a creative bug but then get caught up in the business of life. I need to make more time for stuff like this. I have been selling my dreamcatchers like crazy, but sometimes it's nice to make something for yourself!

  4. looks great! I think the little details you added really made it. And I like the size. Perfect for the beach/pool stuff.

  5. what a stunning bag, beautiful work!!


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